Santa Fe spring

It’s definitely spring in Santa Fe. I’ve spent the past few days getting ready for a workshop that starts tomorrow, but mainly I’ve just been enjoying the bright spring light and the budding trees. I haven’t managed to sketch a crabapple yet, but they are in full bloom here this week!

I started the day by sketching the Loretto Inn. I’ve done a sketch of this from a photo but it’s a different thing entirely when you’re watching the light travel across those stacked adobe cubes. I couldn’t find a bench with a good view, but there was a curb across the street to sit on and not too much traffic to block my view of the architecture and the budding poplar trees.

My second sketch was of the artisan market near the Loretto Chapel. I love sketching markets, especially if they’re topped by white umbrellas.

For my final sketch I made my way to the San Miguel Chapel but instead of drawing the chapel itself I tried to capture the spring light on the trees across the way.

The workshop starts tomorrow so I will likely not have time to write again this week, but hopefully I’ll be sketching more views of this wonderful city in spring that I’ll post when I get back home.

36 Comments on “Santa Fe spring”

  1. karim waked says:

    Wanna live in that sun.

    514 9944433


    • Thanks Karim. The sun felt good but we had wind and cold, which are apparently to be expected in April. I wore a down jacket most days, but still had a sunburn on my lips and hands. But I am not complaining. Santa Fe is always such a fun city to visit.


  2. Jason Mullins says:

    Great sketches Shari! Thanks for posting!


  3. friedakam says:

    Nice spring colors. May I ask what color did you use for the building of the first painting? I also love the greens in the tree.


  4. Y.B. De Ridder says:

    Looks beautiful, have fun!


  5. Patricia Goodall says:

    Love the way you captured the sunlight on the trees, I’ve often wondered how to achieve that.


  6. Chris Rusk says:

    Today is like visiting Santa Fe again, only, through your work.

    I like the feel of your trees – you’ve captured them and the sky so beautifully. I remember turquoise accents on adobe structures and it is a treat to see them again too.

    Have great week 🙂


  7. De says:

    Shari, I love seeing Santa Fe through your sketches! It’s one of our favorite cities to visit. We’ve walked the city so many times so your sketches “put me there.” Have a wonderful week with your class!


  8. susie says:

    Looks like a successful workshop to come! Love your sketches of architecture and the colors. Happy painting in a magical place.


  9. Laura Kate says:

    You captured the feeling of Santa Fe. It’s been ten years since I last visited, and I miss it.


  10. ccr1ccr2 says:

    Glorious sense of clear fresh light. Thank you for sharing. I learn so much peering closely at your work!


  11. Karen Kiddey says:

    Beautiful watercolours! I can just feel the Santa Fe sun on the adobe! Have a great workshop!


  12. Good timing. Spring has been put


  13. Carol Bershad says:

    Beautiful sketches, Shari. Reminds me of my long ago Sante Fe visit. Enjoy the warmth and budding Spring. Carol


    • Thanks Carol. We had sun, but not much warmth. I was wearing my down jacket the whole time. And I was still cold. It was very windy most days but we stayed outside and I was grateful for that!!


  14. -N- says:

    Nice sketches – and nice weather. Must be a pleasant change from old mucky snow!


  15. These really made me smile and think back to when my husband and I visited Santa Fe. I did some sketching there and loved the adobe buildings. You captured the light and shadows so nicely! The market reminded me of all the wonderful jewelry we saw there and the sculpture we bought from a wonderful artist.


    • Joan, I could spend all my time in stores and galleries when I am in Santa Fe, but luckily I am always teaching otherwise it would be a very expensive trip!! I’m glad you got to do some sketching too when you were there.


  16. Judy Sopher says:

    I’m late in writing. If you remember, we lived over 20 years in NM and last place we were about 45 min. from Santa Fe. Even after we moved, we visited al,most every year. And often stayed at the Inn of Loretto. Like others, Santa Fe is one of my favorite places. Your painting is just lovely. Almost brings tears cuz I miss it so much.


  17. Excellent watercolour paintings of Santa Fe.


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