Announcing a new online course: Sketching Desert Scenes

I’m so happy to launch my newest online course, Sketching Desert Scenes: Capturing the Near and the Far. The idea for this course came to me during my recent trip to the Sonoran Desert, with my first glimpse of the famous saguaro cactus. I was instantly hooked. This iconic giant of a cactus, which lives nowhere else but in the Sonoran Desert, is endlessly fascinating.

I painted quite a few scenes of the desert once I returned home in February, and soon after began creating this new course, based on my sketches from Tucson. The course addresses the Sonoran Desert from up close (“the near”), as we paint different types of plants, and then takes a wider view of hills, sky and the beautiful tangled desert vegetation (“the far”).

I’ll show you how I break up this larger composition into simple shapes and distinct values. How I choose the best tools and materials to convey its textures. And how I simplify the process by starting with the larger shapes and working my way to smaller details.

This is a course you can follow at your own pace, and watch as often as you wish. 

And as always, Sketching Desert Scenes is on sale this first week. You can register for $30 US or $42 CAD until Sunday, May 28th at midnight Eastern Time. Here’s the link to learn more about the course. I hope you enjoy it!

6 Comments on “Announcing a new online course: Sketching Desert Scenes”

  1. Perfect timing. I just moved to Albuquerque, and I need this! The desert IS different, and sublime. Thank you for the sale price!


  2. nancywrobins says:

    Just signed up!😊



  3. Carolyn Cooper says:

    Thank you for coming to my town, Tucson, and seeing the colors that I see. I signed up for your class immediately when I received notice of it. You captured so many colors. I was born here 77 years ago and I’m not big on travel so I’m used to this Sonoran desert. Other places have a zillion colors of green but not so much here. I can’t identify with snow scenes and boats and bodies of water, but this is a perfect class for me. You learned a lot about our saguaros and other things. I’ve been following you since your Craftsy classes. You are an amazing artist.


    • Carolyn, this is wonderful to read. I’m glad that I did ok with my desert colours. Phew! I’m excited to get back there next January because I plan on exploring the area a little more. I had no time last year to see Tucson or surroundings and almost no time to hike. I can’t wait to go back. Thanks so much for signing up for the course!


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