Watching the boat

Now that the symposium is over in Santo Domingo I have been thinking about upcoming workshops in Portland and Montreal. Today I focused on different ways to compose a picture. This beach scene was way more chaotic but I eliminated the details that would detract from the composition. Like the beach aerobics class going on in the background ( I saved the topless women in the group for my life drawing exercises later!) and the banana boats flying by in the water.

Waiting for the Boat

8 Comments on “Watching the boat”

  1. Martha says:

    Beautiful . You have captured the mood plus the composition is super.


  2. Linda Daily says:

    I can smell the salt air! Too bad we do not have palm trees in Portland as I think you have mastered them!


  3. Elaine Archambault says:

    Love it, feels I’m right there week
    Thanks for posting your thought process and sketches throughout your symposium week it was very generous of you.


  4. Ross C says:

    Well this is a bit freaky… you have been in the tropics for a week but these beach and palm tree paintings make it look like you have been painting these scenes all your life. You’re not going to do a Gauguin on us are you?


    • It’s certainly tempting to give up painting in my car all winter. I think Gauguin had a good thing going there.


      • Ross C says:

        No… I don’t think so.
        Beaches, palm trees, tropical nights, summer breezes and friendly locals are all over-rated… a couple of weeks of that and you would be really restless… itching to get back into your car in the snow, painting the backstreets of Montreal. 🙂


      • You’re right. It’s too pretty here. I need to see some Montreal back alleys soon.


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