A tough bunch

Montreal Urban Sketchers are tough — tough as nails. We had our first Sunday Sketching outing today at the Jean Talon Market and we FROZE. There was a cold wind blowing through the alleyways of the market — a wind that went right through sweaters, fleeces, vests and jackets. But our hardy group of nine sketched all morning and some even into the afternoon. The optimists among us were sure the day would warm up, the sensible ones found spots in the sun, and to prove how tough we Canadians really are we all ate our lunch outside on a picnic table instead of taking shelter in a warm café. The day never really did warm up but we were happy to be sketching together and in the end we all admitted that we were looking forward to next month’s INDOOR sketching location.

Two For Five



14 Comments on “A tough bunch”

  1. Monique says:

    Love it..it was cold today..on my way to church..I thought..wait for the cold! My morning glories have not finished their show..
    I love Jean Talon market!


  2. Valerie Cousins says:

    Congratulations to all!


  3. […] of the the others (Shari for one) love markets. The colors and complexity, the tasty looking foodstuffs. I guess I’m […]


  4. […] of the the others (Shari for one) love markets. The colors and complexity, the tasty looking foodstuffs. I guess I’m […]


  5. Ross C says:

    Good painting! I like layers… the way your foreground subject give us a filtered view of the simpler, but still interesting, background subject.
    You would have got full marks for this one… however you completed failed to capture the cold conditions in your painting… I’m afraid it could have been tropical SD again, except for the cost of the cantaloupes (which we call Rock Melons in Aus) : )


    • It was impossible to convey how cold it was in the painting. That is why I had to add the photo montage. If you look really close you can see frozen fingers and red noses. I am still waiting to get full marks on one of my paintings. There is always something that could use improvement on the Ross-o-meter.


      • Ross C says:

        Ross-o-meter… I like that! You should be encouraged because you only missed out on full marks this time because of a technicality. And yes, I am a tough marker… but, you need someone to balance all those other glowing comments that you get… otherwise, the adoration would all go to your head and your work would deteriorate. : )


      • I guess I’ll have to keep trying. One of these days…


  6. It was cold in Quebec City as well. I went out ill-prepared and returned home, beaten and frozen. I guess Arizona boys aren’t as tough as Montrealers 🙂

    Cheers — Larry


    • Larry, every time I have been to Quebec City it is much colder than Montreal, even in the summer. I guess it’s the wind off the St. Lawrence. And we weren’t that tough. We all eventually bailed early.


  7. Francine Bidal-St-Aubin says:

    We certainly were a tough bunch. I lay under 3 blankets for an hour when I got home. It was a great time!!!!


    • I’m so glad you recovered after that and you even want to go back for more. And I was mistaken. I thought our next outing was indoor but it will be outside. So you may need six blankets next time!!


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