Morning light

We have had so much snow in Montreal this winter but the past few sunny days have been making me optimistic that spring is on its way. One of my favorite backyard subjects is an arrangement of pots under an evergreen tree. They’ve been hidden all winter but one just starting poking out of the snow and that may be a cause for celebration.


7 Comments on “Morning light”

  1. The groundhog may or may not see his shadow, but if Shari sees her pots, well that’s a good argument for Spring!

    I am getting inspired to try this three-colour palette!

  2. Lee Kline says:

    Shadows, fence, tree – soooo nice. I really envy and appreciate the manner in which you use the white of your paper.

  3. Ross C says:

    Now, you already know that I really like your terra cotta pot series, but this one barely qualifies… 70% white page/blue shadow. I guess I should be happy that you didn’t post a painting of this scene on the sun-less day that your weather “sprayed” snow on the tree and the fence as well… that would have made a really challenging value sketch. : )

    • I know Ross. Not much terra cotta here. I am working on illustrating a children’s book and it is taking up a lot of my spare time. It is a wonderful project which I hope I will able to eventually show on the blog but for now I can’t reveal anything. Because of this, and piles of grading, today I never got around to drawing for my post : (

      • Ross C says:

        On no… a day without a post! Where is your commitment to your followers? And you are even trying to make excuses and get the sympathy vote… nah, good try… may work with others but not with me. : )

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