The ice on Lac St. Louis is breaking up and probably will be gone in a few days with the warmer temperatures we’re having. It was fairly dark this morning when I painted, and a bit hard to see colour in my car studio, so I was mostly thinking about value. I used lots of ultramarine blue, sap green and raw sienna to capture all the subtle colours in the ice.


24 Comments on “Shards”

  1. Wayne says:

    Exceptional once again. I love how you portray these scenes that are so central to Canadians. Snce childhood, watching and hearing the breakup of the ice signaled winter ‘s grip was loosening. There really was another summer coming.

  2. genine says:

    wow Shari, this is beautiful! amazing really.

  3. Ruth says:

    My oh my….Shari

    As I live at the west end of the island and on the lake, I see the ice breaking up each
    year and it is always spectacular and so dramatic. It will never be ho-hum to me. You
    have done a spectacular depiction and your color tones are amazing ! Bravo to you !

  4. fredcschmidt says:

    Shari, do you have any pics of your car studio setup? Always trying to imagine how you juggle it all. Another great watercolor. Fred

  5. Great depth (in all senses). Impressive!!

  6. Shari; you make the simplist shapes truly impressive.

  7. Ross C says:

    This looks excellent! I would like to say that it looks so realistic, but I have never actually seen ice breaking up, so I wouldn’t know… but I do know that it make a very dramatic painting… and no glitches, that I can see. : )

  8. Jane Hannah says:

    Incredible Shari :: extremely well done!

  9. Alison says:

    I agree with Ruth! Very well put. I was just looking at the ice yesterday and wondering how one might paint it. Great work Shari.

  10. Veronica S. says:

    Beautiful value study and the perspective is fabulous. Saving this to show my watercolor class how to do perspective (as well as what a great painting it is!)
    Thank you.

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