Scarf pillow

Today’s post is inspired by the blog Sketchbook Warrior. Jason Pearlman draws quite often on the Washington metro, often capturing the interesting faces of DC that he sees on his way back and forth to work. I love his simple line drawings and his observations about people, especially the tidbits of conversation that he overhears.

Unfortunately I don’t ride the metro as often as I’d like to. I’d certainly get a lot more drawing done and spend a lot less on gas. But I did get to do a little drawing today after another museum visit with my students. I love this guy who sat across from me having a long nap inside his scarf.


7 Comments on “Scarf pillow”

  1. Fleet Woodley says:

    Well. I got this one OK. Haven’t done a thing yet. Nice sketch. Wasn’t it hard to do while moving?

    ~ Fleetwood

  2. suma karveti says:

    Shari, lovely sketch! I love how you have detailed his cap and scarf with those quick strokes.Jason’s work is really inspirational. I myself sketch everyday on public transit to and from work. Its a real stress buster for me after a long day at work.
    I think you should sketch people more often. You are good at it!

  3. croquedessin says:

    Nice sketch.

  4. Love the sketch, and thanks for the mention! Yeah, when you sketch people in a particular setting on a regular basis, you start to learn the mapping of the face and features: forehead angles out from the hairline, and then curves back in before curving back out again to where the eyebrows then cut sharply into the top of the nose, then lines for the eyes reverse out from there, and so on. You’ve caught the person nicely, and threw in some nice lines to give the figure dimensional definition.

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