Drawing a freehand circle is pretty difficult for me. Drawing two freehand circles is even worse but looking at the negative shapes helps. I suppose my inaccuracies would be less obvious if I hadn’t placed the gears against a white background. I think this is one of those subjects that I will also try in pencil (with an eraser in the other hand), but maybe against a darker background next time!


6 Comments on “Gears”

  1. Lynn says:

    Since you are interested in challenges lately – and achieving home runs each time ( great painting of the contour Counter) – I suggest a photo of a Dale Chihuly glass staging, maybe one with about a dozen plates, different sizes, distortions and swirled, dotted and concentric patterns. Even his glass globes like the green one you did (very well).

    I know you’re thinking ‘Why does this person hate me?’ I think you’re terrific. I even just purchased 2 sizes of the S & Birn sketchbooks you recommend.

    This idea was first meant as a joke, but the colors, transparencies and shapes would look wonderful in the bright clean-ness of a large watercolor. Pure color, wet-n-wet blends, lots of white space for interesting edges and shapes of white within the composition. Color should dominate though.

    If I try it myself I’l send a photo.



  2. Lee Kline says:

    Here is one way to get a close-to-accurate circle and perhaps you already do this: I imagine a square shape and put a light dot at the center of each side of that square. Then I connect the dots. I have found that this works when drawing circles in perspective or as ovals as well. And, yes, the negative spaces between the outer lines of the round thing and its surroundings or background are good aides as well.


  3. Ross says:

    When I was drawing something similar, I rummaged through the kitchen cupboards found all the plates, cups and bowls and experimented until I found one that was the right diameter. But the other solution is to draw it much larger so that the circle is cropped by the edge of the page… not quite as obvious when the circle isn’t perfect.
    But really… yours wasn’t too bad… for someone who struggles with wheels on cars… keep practicing.


    • Thanks for the encouragement Ross. Now I will go out and draw some cars in the snow.
      I think cropping the gears would have made for a more interesting composition so I think I will draw them again.


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