Sixth avenue

This is a small study for a painting I am hoping to work on soon. I’m not sure if it will be in watercolour or oil. I never manage to succeed in getting this effect in a larger painting but I am trying to keep the mid-tones quite dark, which causes the whites to stand out more and works very well for winter scenes. 


11 Comments on “Sixth avenue”

  1. Roberta says:

    I like this a lot…


  2. Lee Kline says:

    Beautiful limited palette. Happy New Year coming up, Shari.


  3. This is soooo gorgeous, Shari! & thank you for the mid-tone-darks tip / reminder.. will have to try that more than I often remember to do. Definitely biased towards watercolours, myself – but sure whichever (watercolour or oil) you choose shall be as beautiful as this study is! Xoxo


  4. P.S. – you so well capture the feeling of a still, Wintry street in this one.. I can really feel the settled snow! 🙂


  5. andre savard says:

    Amaizing, we often try to leave out hydro poles and wires out of our art work.
    But in this case, it tels the true story of this old part of town and its actually the main attraction and it gives a sense of perpective. Good work.


    • Yes, on that street it was the pattern of poles and wires that gave structure to the whole scene. And I’m sure you know where that is too. Just a little further down Sixth from where I sketched the corner store.


  6. kathie says:

    thank you for sharing love your work!


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