Good behavior

I have a love/hate relationship with the paper in the Arches Travel Book. I had tossed the pad aside a few months ago because it seemed to suck up all the pigment in my sketches. The surface is cold pressed but I’m not sure if the paper is 100% cotton. Today I picked it up again to sketch the bottles of solvents and oils in my studio and suddenly it was quite wonderful again, behaving just like a good watercolour sheet should.


14 Comments on “Good behavior”

  1. Chris Rusk says:

    If there is a real difference in paper quality, I am wondering if the paper has two sides (one that receives pigment well and the other side that slightly repels it. If so perhaps the sheets were not consistently assembled when they were bound into the sketchbook. Just a thought. Great work prevailed, your elipses are all ‘there’ as is the gentle colour. I really enjoy your work.


  2. kathie says:

    very nice!


  3. Linda Daily says:

    The colors softly glow. My oldest son gave me a beautiful book on Georgio Morandi
    for Christmas. This reminds me of his compositions but with a watercolor twist! You have a talent for taking the mundane things of life and making them something to behold.


  4. Angela Macleod says:

    Excellence in mundane! So sparkly and fresh!


  5. Kristine says:

    Shari Blaukopf you are amazing! Your watercolours give me such pleasure.



  6. Lee Kline says:

    Happy New Year Shari! Your make the common look UN-common. I learn so much from your work.


  7. Riku Karjalainen says:

    Hi Shari and thank you for most recent posting with your paintings from Utah. I have one question regarding the Arches paper you are using. I have done some experiments with it but keep getting tiny white spots once the color wash has dried. I have pretreated the surface with a solution of ox gall to avoid this and I wonder if you need to do the same, or just prewet the paper and let it dry first?


    • Hi Riku,
      I don’t have that problem with the paper. I am using Bright white paper and it works just fine. I don’t stretch or pretreat the paper in any way. If I am working wet on dry, I just tape it on four sides. If I am working wet on wet, I wet it thoroughly on both sides and towel off the top surface so I am working on damp paper. The paper was very beautiful every time. Perhaps if you get white spots you have a bad batch and should take it back to the store.


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