Ogilvy facing west

I haven’t done any real “urban” sketching in a while but I was in Park Extension picking up framed paintings for a weekend show (see below) and had a bit of time to stop on Ogilvy Avenue before my class. This type of scene is always so difficult for me, but the easiest way I find to start is by drawing the line that the buildings form against the sky. Once the perspective is set up in pencil, I can use an ink pen to draw in most of the details. Watercolour goes on next and that is usually followed by another layer of pen to add in the texture on the buildings. That part of Ogilvy is a mishmash of small shops, apartment blocks and churches which makes the competing textures lots of fun to draw. This coming weekend is filled with events. Starting tomorrow the Lakeshore Association of Artists holds the annual spring show in Baie d’Urfé. It’s always a great event with over 50 artists exhibiting in the beautiful old Fritz Farm building, overlooking the lake. The vernissage is Friday evening and the show goes on from 10 ’til 5 on Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see you there. Also this weekend… Sunday sketching with Urban Sketchers Montreal. This month is our annual Dim Sum “eat and draw at the same time” event. It’s one of our most fun events of the year since we are all together in one place for the whole time. Hope to see you there too… And lastly a special thank you to Trevor T. who sent me — by good old fashioned snail mail — a lovely letter and a big fat stack of amazing David Hockney postcards. Trevor, you made my day. OgilvieAvenueWest

11 Comments on “Ogilvy facing west”

  1. Ross says:

    Looks great. I usually get picky with sketches like this (not yours, of course) that little elements aren’t quite right with the perspective… I seem to be overly sensitive to “formal” perspective. I am happy to report that my picky brain says that yours looks just right!

    • I’m glad your picky brain said that. These scenes are so hard to draw for me and probably very easy for you, right?

      • Ross says:

        I don’t think I have a trouble getting the technical aspects of the perspective right. It is everything else that causes the problems… motivation, overcoming apathy, composition, tones, colour selections… and of course, drawing cars.

      • I thought that since you were so critical of my car drawings that you were some sort of expert. Do you mean that your cars are worse than mine? Have you ever even tried to draw a car?

      • Ross says:

        Sorry that I have taken so long to respond… I have been spending time looking back through past posts to see if you are this rude to other commenters… or just to me. Anyway, I know the answer to that now. But I guess that I may have slightly questioned your drawing of cars at some time in the past, so I think you may feel that you are in some way justified in your response. However, getting back to my response…

        In answer to your statements/questions…
        1. I am not an expert on drawing cars.
        2. Let’s not make this a competition about who draws the best cars – based on your cars in this blog, you would win… however, from some previous posts, we may be more evenly matched : )
        3. Yes, I draw cars when I have to. Otherwise I would have this situation… “Mr Architect, why have you drawn horse and buggy in front of my library” “Sorry, Mr Client, I don’t draw cars”

      • I would love to see your car drawings Ross, even if they are in front of a library. Can you scan them and send them to me?

      • Ross says:

        Is this an architectural commission? My fees aren’t cheap. : )

  2. Janice Kelly says:

    Your sketches make me ache for my home town.

  3. Joan says:

    I love cityscapes. I’d love to visit Montreal…it’s on my bucket list.

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