Picnic Vernissage

I’m really thrilled to be part of the City of Pointe Claire’s Picnic Vernissage this Sunday, July 5. In collaboration with the Stewart Hall Art Gallery, Urban Sketchers Montreal will host a sketching day on the grounds of Stewart Hall Park starting at 10 am and everyone is invited to sketch with us. At the end of the day we’ll exhibit our sketches from the day in the gallery.

At the same time, starting at 2 pm, we’ll have the opening of the exhibit “A Sketch in Time”. Along with Jane Hannah and Marc Taro Holmes, I’ll be exhibiting sketches and sketchbooks in the Project Room of the Gallery.

The weather for Sunday is looking great — warm and sunny — so I hope to see you there. There will even be live music and ice cream from noon onwards!


21 Comments on “Picnic Vernissage”

  1. I hope it’s a great day Shari! Love the composition of this painting.


  2. mysiteexists says:

    Lovely, beautifully composed!
    Like it so much!


  3. Louise says:

    Wow! I like everything in this painting. The light, the beauty of the stonework and the roof! And the ink work is so lovely that I can’t stop studying it.
    Can you share what colors you used?


    • Hi Louise, I did this some time ago, probably in May or June so I don’t remember exactly what I used. Definitely Ultramarine in the sky and lots of Azo Green and yellow in the grass. The apple tree is diluted Alizarin. I’m not sure about the building though. It was a mix of lots of colours.


  4. LOVE this!! Your work is so inspiring!


  5. LOVE this!! Your work is so inspiring! I hope you have a wonderful time


  6. Monique says:

    Enjoy the day..I love Stewart Hall!


  7. Andy says:

    Each time I look at your sketches I fill an urge to grab a pen & brush!


  8. Joan says:

    I love the perspective of this sketch! It feels like I’m standing on the stairs looking up at that gorgeous building. Your shadows are amazing.


  9. Lee Kline says:

    Lovely. You really caught the color of the roof. Wonderful, the lower half of this composition. Could be a painting on its own, I think.


    • Thanks Lee. You’re right about the bottom half of the sketch. Perhaps I should turn it into a big abstract. I was at the new Whitney Museum in New York last week. Looking at all the de Koonings made me want to grab a big brush and paint some colour fields.


  10. holmar58 says:

    Hi Sheri,
    I just discovered your wonderful Blog, I love your sketches and paintings. I get a thrill whenever I recognize a place in Montreal that you have captured so beautifully. I was born in Montreal near the West Island in a small place called Saraguay. I now live in Ontario, but love seeing my “hometown ” come to life by your beautiful artwork…Thank you so much Sheri!


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