Montebello workshop: a short recap

I’ve just returned from hosting a three-day location sketching workshop in Montebello, Quebec. It’s the first time I’ve organized an event like this where everyone stays at the same hotel, sketches together all day and enjoys dinners after the workshop. I really enjoyed the experience of getting to know the participants (some have attended previous workshops and others were new) because instead of everyone going our separate ways in the evening, we had a chance to eat, talk and discuss the day’s painting.

RockPileMy idea for the three days was to spend one day painting landscape, one painting water (the grounds of the hotel are on the Ottawa River) and one doing a street scene. This demo of rocks and trees is from the first day, when we painted landscapes. On the second day the plan was to paint the waterfalls at Plaisance but in Quebec, in the summer, plans don’t always work out because the weather can alternate between downpour and torrential rain — and true to form, it did. Instead of painting inside the hotel, we grouped ourselves under the awnings of the outdoor terrace and painted looking out at the gazebo and the (sopping) hotel gardens. As you can see in the photos below, that day’s critique was held around the hotel’s iconic hexagonal fireplace. The (sunny) final day was spent drawing the little houses along the main street in the village of Montebello. A great group of experienced artists made the teaching really fun, and it’s certainly a format I’d like to repeat (minus the rain!).


6 Comments on “Montebello workshop: a short recap”

  1. Monique says:

    My parents honeymooned there..they are long dad would be 102..
    I have photos of my mom them..I bet you all enjoyed yourselves so much!
    Nice hats:)


    • We did have a great time. I wish I would have had time to enjoy the resort itself, but we painted too much! Thanks for sharing that about your parents. I’m sure it was really beautiful back then.


  2. Lyn Seley says:

    Such an amazing workshop, Shari you are an amazing painter, sketcher and teacher. Plus spending time with a great group of talented woman, I loved getting to know them during the day working and at out group meals. Can’t wait for Ireland.


  3. Jane says:

    This was a terrific workshop; the group was keen, focussed and there to learn. The instruction was superb, just the right balance of information, demonstration and practice. Despite the one day of challenging weather conditions there was no down time. I am now an official “Shari groupie”.


    • Jane, it was a pleasure having you in the group. And a big thanks for all the location and restaurant suggestions. Still sad we didn’t make it to the falls, but we’ll save that for next time.


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