Larimer at dusk

I don’t paint night scenes too often but yesterday I arrived in Denver in the afternoon and by the time I got out to sketch it was dusk. On Larimer Street there’s a Dia de los Muertos festival happening so I sat outside to draw the strings of lights and I drew until all the colours faded to black.  I couldn’t post this until today because the internet has been down in my hotel for the past 24 hours.  Seems ridiculous that it hasn’t been fixed but here I sit, in a Starbucks, writing this and hoping it comes back soon.   

19 Comments on “Larimer at dusk”

  1. Dee says:

    Great work and determination. My power was out this morning, so I identify with sketching in the dark. It is finally raining here so I cannot complain!


  2. Kateri says:

    So they still haven’t fixed the Internet? It was out for Thursday on and Friday, into Saturday.

    Loved the Larimer district. Your sketch really captures how it felt there.


  3. Toni Cummins says:

    Such a pretty scene and a real sense of evening


  4. joantav says:

    I love the festive look to this with all the lights. Night scenes are always so different. Hope you have internet by now.


  5. holmar58 says:

    Great sketch…have a wonderful time!


  6. rodarmstrong says:

    You captured “Larimer Square” nicely!


  7. slowlane says:

    I hope that means Craftsy!


  8. Louise says:

    I didn’t want to bring it up, so I’m glad ‘slowlane’ did. I wondered right away if Denver = Craftsy.
    🙂 Can’t wait! Happy Dance Time……..



    love it Shari !!!


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