After school

When I go out to sketch I often bring several blocks of paper with me because I never know what format will suit the scene. It took a couple of tries to get the composition I wanted on this one. First I tried a horizontal sketch but the street is so wide that the buildings on the left just seemed to go on forever. I also tried drawing it out in a vertical format but then I wasn’t able to fit in any those same nondescript buildings at all. In the end the square format suited it best. Sketched on a block of Fluid paper, 8″ x 8″.


17 Comments on “After school”

  1. Mary Heath says:

    Shari, I just sent you an email I meant for someone else with whom I was discussing skies! It is a good one!

    Delighted to hear you are returning to Anacortes in 2017. Best, Mary Heath



  2. Mary McLaughlin says:

    Thanks Shari for sharing your process – I always find it helpful.


  3. Toni Pratley says:

    It looks great in a square format – I have so much trouble with deciding and getting the right composition – you always make it look so easy – I will try square for a change


  4. sandidureice says:

    Deeply atmospheric. I can feel this place.


  5. andre says:

    well, well, hère you are again in Lachine.
    Excellent sketch, love the atmosphère and the long shadows.
    Too bad there is no snow left.


  6. Monique says:

    I am trying to imagine your car;)
    Do you have a small suitcase for painting emergencies?
    When I see electrical lines now..I see your class in my head and one painting I tried..and ALL of yours.


  7. Linda Murray says:

    Everything about this painting- II love it! I can pick out the individual buildings without a lot of detail. How do you do it? The sky, the poles/wires. And especially the school bus. The reflections on it- there are those “whites” again. 😉


  8. lynnbowes says:

    I find that street and road perspective can go flat easily and this demo shows how to cast shadows horizontally and keep the street ‘active’. Wonderful sketch and thank you for the little bits of instruction! Your detail is fluid and beautiful always :: lynn


  9. Annie B. says:

    Hi Shari! I have a question for you about how you store your completed sketches like this one. Do you put them in a book with a protective plastic cover, or do you store them in a different way? Or do you frame them all? I have a few sitting in a stack and would love your advice. 🙂 This is lovely and the sky is just beautiful!


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