Spring on St. Urbain

It’s almost warm enough to sketch outside. In early February?? Seems very unusual for Montreal. In fact, I think the grass is even greening up in some southern facing exposures. With a bit of time to sketch this morning, I found a window seat in a café on St. Viateur, facing north on St. Urbain (with my favourite rooftop water reservoir in the distance). I don’t think the brownstones are quite as colourful as this, but maybe the warmth, the sunny day and the strolling crowds had me thinking that spring may be closer than we think.


12 Comments on “Spring on St. Urbain”

  1. Marilyn Thuss says:

    Love this…..could you share your colors with us? Thank you Shari


    • HI Marilyn, When I don’t paint with a limited palette, I often don’t remember what I used. I dab into a bit of this and a bit of that. I know for certain that the sky is a combination of Cerulean and Cobalt Teal. The buildings have yellow ochre (very diluted and some Alizarin mixed with Burnt Sienna, again diluted. The rest is just a mix of palette leftovers, probably. Hope that helps!


  2. Monique says:

    My friend Nancy often talks of St-Urbain..and of course I have been on it..but you make it seem like I have never been:)Love the branches,buildings..railings..and that is the exact color of our beautiful sky!
    What a winter!


  3. Toni Pratley says:

    Love the colour of your buildings


  4. Peggy Bjarno says:

    Love all those verticals — and the dancing branches!


  5. joantav says:

    Lovely!!! Glad you found a cafe with such a good view.


    • And they were so welcoming. It was no bother that I sat there for a long time and in fact, they kept refilling my tea cup. I may just have to go back to sketch the view in the other direction.


  6. kari says:

    I love the texture of the branches and the interplay between those lines and the railings. Nicely seen!


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