Rockport morning

I wait all year to get this view. It’s magical at any time of day but especially beautiful in the early morning when the light hits the facades and the harbour is still. I’ll be travelling for the next little while so please excuse the image quality of the sketches. Phone photos are good but they can’t match the sharpness of a good scan.



57 Comments on “Rockport morning”

  1. Love that bright morning feeling. Thanks, Shari. Maine?

  2. Tony says:

    Your Rockport posts are always extra special …. and this one’s no different. Beautiful. Visiting and sketching there are both on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing!

    • I have a special connection to this place for so many reasons. Also when I come here I know I have the freedom to paint all week. That is a real luxury for me. See you soon in Galway!!

  3. This is gorgeous Shari! It seems I have missed you by a few weeks – I was in
    Rockport Mass. late May and I also noticed that you visited New York the week after I left – would have loved it if our paths had crossed while I was in the U.S!

  4. Liliane Partikian says:

    Beautiful painting…. You can really feel the early morning light

  5. Trevor Travis says:

    I can see why you look forward so much to working here. The painting has a really… “I’ve just arrived in somewhere special to me” feel. It is fresh and beautiful.

  6. Phyllis Lewandoski says:

    I have become obsessed with your blog and start my day looking at what you have posted. I have taken bith your Craftsy classes and they were wonderful. I’m in California but would love to take one of your plein air classes one day.

  7. Chris Rusk says:

    Hi Shari
    I have always enjoyed receiving your ‘views’ to the point of wishing I was there. Thanks again!
    Happy travels,

  8. Janice Kelly says:

    Happy trails Shari and thank you for posting these delightful sketches.
    It keeps us stimulated and motivated.
    Cheers and happy summer.

  9. rosjenke says:

    The view is pretty good from where I’m sitting 😄 It’s beautiful and I almost feel like I’m there.

  10. Tom Jump says:

    I’m jealous Shari…. it’s always great to see your paintings from there! Hope you have a wonderful time! ~Tom

    • Thanks Tom. Great to hear from you. And glad they found your car. What a crazy story! Can’t believe you had to pay for the towing!

      • Tom Jump says:

        Thanks Shari- that really is a crazy episode & hard to make sense of what the goofball(s) did. We are picking it up Monday now so hopefully all’s good from that point! An ocean visit sounds so great right now as we languish in heat! Enjoy your stay and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work from up there!

      • Tom, I’m glad to hear that all is well. Hopefully the heat in Denver has abated. It’s quite warm here too, but always cooler at night. Thanks for the update.

  11. Barbara Beynon says:

    What a beautiful place–definitely worth visiting and sketching regularly. I too want to be there.

    • I know I sound like I work for the chamber of commerce, but it’s a beautiful place. And I’m here just before high season so,it’s not too crowded. Perfect for sketching!

  12. Lovely, I can hear the seagulls. Hope to meet you in Manchester in July.

  13. Mary Jane says:

    Your painting style is so light and free and perfect. This is a beautiful painting!
    PS – I am enjoying one of your Craftsy courses so much. Thank you.

  14. Soni says:

    Your ability to show exquisite light without a dramatic hiro schiro (heck, where’s Apple spell ck when U need it ¿¡) – all your values are so perfect within the lighter end of the spectrum producing great contrast & love this different choice of colors
    Masterful !

  15. Do you ever venture to Essex? My daughter lives there and there are some incredible places to paint such as Cox Reservation with amazing views of the Great Salt Marsh. Knowing Cape Ann, I understand why you spend a week painting there each year!

    • I do travel around to paint but mostly to Gloucester and Anisquam. I’ve been to Essex but not to paint (eating steamers at Woodman’s instead). Every year I say I will travel around more but I never do. There’s so much to paint right here.

  16. andycjackson says:

    I love the simplicity of your painting !

  17. So nice to see you make such nice reflections! Not mirrored images but you know it is water because there is a boat lying on that surface! Thanks for sharing!

  18. John says:

    I think this is such a beautiful study! Quite stunning

  19. I love the lights and the reflections!!!

  20. Judith Cozon says:

    always look forward to seeing your great sketches – thank you !

  21. sandidureice says:

    what a beautiful view to wake up to on a cold drizzly morning in Victoria, Australia

  22. mariancolman says:

    Shari will you be teaching a workshop in the Rockport area next year?

    • Hi Marian. I don’t teach when I’m here. I just come to paint. This year I’ll be teaching in Boston right after my week here but the workshop was sold out a long time ago so I didn’t advertise it. Are you from the area?

      • mariancolman says:

        Hi Shari,
        I live on Cape Cod. I believe it’s Newton where you’re teaching? If you plan to do a summer workshop in the Boston area in 2017, I would love to know if there’s any way to alert me, especially if it’s not advertised. Would you ever consider teaching on the Cape? We have an active Art Center here in Falmouth. I think you would find the area to be vibrant and inspiring if you haven’t already been here.

  23. Add your name to the long list of esteemed artists who have painted Rockport. Love your interpretation!

    • There is such a history of great artists in this area. And of course in nearby Gloucester there’s Rocky Neck which is also renowned for the art colony. So much tradition that surrounds me.

  24. Judy Sopher says:

    This is beautiful, Shari. Where is it? The only Rockport I know is in Maine.

  25. Nancy Johnson says:

    Hi Shari, Would you be able to recommend a good scanner please? Thank you,Nancy

    Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2016 13:23:54 +0000 To:

  26. […] in Rockport I woke up really early and decided (even before coffee!) to tackle a full painting of a scene that I had sketched a few days earlier. It’s funny how the brain works. Six days earlier […]

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