I can’t see the sea

The last thing I thought I’d be painting in Ireland was tropical plants, but I’m facing an Atlantic coastline that’s socked in by fog. The view from my window is this garden of potted succulents — quite beautiful really — and a good contrast to the grey that has descended around the place.  I had hoped to paint the barren landscape of The Burren today but it was hidden in the clouds when I arrived. I’m hoping for a clearer view tomorrow. 

12 Comments on “I can’t see the sea”

  1. Soni says:

    Good choice, Shari. I’m always mesmerized by your method of positive/negative “picking” within shapes of foliage & floral fauna. It’s always entertainingly eye candy but the various shapes make sense when you do it. I too often find myself lost in a maze trying to do that yet continue to try after enjoying your work like this. Your description of Ireland is wonderful too.


    • Thanks Soni! I have so many more sketches of Galway but just finished my workshop there and have had no time to catch up on blog posts. This is the start of a few days travelling around Ireland so hopefully there will be many more posts this week.


  2. Janice Kelly says:

    I think it’s one of your best.
    Love the balance of the brilliant colour against the more
    muted greens.
    Sometimes, serendipity sets in and you’re left with something
    special you hadn’t planned.


  3. You could make fog look celestial ! Jacques


  4. I like the pops of color from the flowers against the foggy background. Knowing how the weather is there it is quite possible that the sun will be shining (at least for a few minutes) before you know it. lol Great job on this!


  5. It’s looking like sunshine on the West coast today (http://www.met.ie/sat/iuk-ir.asp) so I hope you enjoy the Burren – lovely beach at Fanore by the way – gorgeous red sand! Enjoy!


  6. jmnowak says:

    Those terracotta pots really pop!


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