Last weeks of summer

There’s definitely a change in the colour of the foliage of trees and plants this week. I noticed it in the maple trees first — not any obvious reds or yellows yet — just a bit of a shift from the brights of summer to more muted greens. I also noticed a yellowing of the tomato plants as I walked by a community garden this week. And in my own backyard, the Echinacea are starting to droop, fade and shrivel at the edges. A sure sign of the last weeks of summer.


14 Comments on “Last weeks of summer”

  1. I love this…so simple and beautiful.


  2. Rick Monaghan says:

    Lovely sketch. In Ste Agathe, the trees are veering more into yellow with occasional rust patches, and the dark undertones look darker. Truly, we are slipping into fall. On another month, the yellows and oranges will stand stark against the firs. Your sketch is a timely reminder of the coming change. Thanks.


  3. Mary Duncan says:

    Shari. I love the looseness of you paintings and the soft colors that you use ! Wish I could get my paintings to look like that 🤔. I wait everyday to see if there is a new one from you .
    Here in Arizona we get very little fall changes in the Phoenix area and I miss those beautiful hues that most of Canada gets this time of year .


  4. Janine says:

    These are so beautiful, but also a tinge sad. I hope your family member is feeling better and out of the hospital. Take care, Shari!


  5. These are so elegant looking. The are just ordinary garden flowers but you make them look like stars! I always find the signs if the end of summer make me sad, so I’m glad I am not home to see it yet.once autumn gets into the swing of it I don’t mind. For now I’m happily still painting Venice.


  6. Judy Sopher says:

    I also love the simplicity of this. You are seeing flowers while I am seeing leaves starting to fall here. Your colors are so fresh. That is hard for me to do consistently.

    You may not remember, but I once asked to be put on your list of future workshops in Montreal. We finally got our passports and hoping to visit Montreal next year. If no workshop, maybe just a hello. And a thank you for all I have learned from you.


  7. rosjenke says:

    I just love how your colour splodges always seem to work. So beautiful.


  8. Monique says:

    Loose..I love loose..hope all is ok Shari..


  9. Linda Murray says:

    Oh, so pretty, Shari. Yes, simple, but says a lot. Everything is looking “tired” here. Fall is near. Thank you for another lovely painting!


  10. Lee Kline says:

    Shari! Love these. Send a dozen right away!


  11. Jeff Gold says:

    Beautiful direct drawing and very fresh color. I love the lively composition of the flowers and leaf shapes against the flat white background. Hope things are going well on the home front!


  12. Artmans says:

    i really like the simple colours and how you don’t over do it


  13. ErnieK says:

    It is feeling like summer is moving on and fall is moving in. I love summer and hope we get a few more weeks of summer weather. I like the clean, loose feel of this picture.


  14. jmnowak says:

    Delightful cheeriness…they still look quite lively, Shari. 🙂


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