This time it will fall as snow

The weatherman said “This time it will fall as snow” in reference to the fact that most of this winter every snowstorm headed towards Montreal has turned to freezing rain or rain when it hit the city. But this time the weatherman got it right and fall as snow it did, 30 centimetres of it in all. I spent some of my Monday morning sketching time shovelling out my car, as most of the city did, so only had a bit of time to sketch before my classes started. Most of the streets weren’t plowed either, so I couldn’t park anywhere except in a mall parking lot. I found a gorgeous big truck to draw but no sooner had I started pencilling in my shapes than the driver showed up with his mall-purchased lunch in a takeout bag. I had a minute or two to scribble in a few more lines before he drove off. The last minutes I had were spent drawing a few more snowy cars in the parking lot. More snow coming later this week!


18 Comments on “This time it will fall as snow”

  1. gaelle1947 says:

    Great drawings in rapid time! Great example of what can be done with minimal equipment and miminum time! Today, southern New Brunswicker is also getting majorly dumped on with real snow, that piles up, blows around and stays! Probably our biggest storm yet! So, I could just hang up a white canvas on the wall and call it a finished plein air painting, because that’s all you see outside! LOL


    • We have seen so much on the news about New Brunswick. It seems to me that every year you get a lot more than we do. I heard school was cancelled in Halifax too. I was wishing for a snow day but it never happened.


  2. great cars Shari and i love the snow shapes draped all over them. I’m heading to a parking lot tomorrow. I’ve never even tried to draw a car or truck!!!! Incidentally We got about 18 inches down here in Litchfield county CT. followed by lots of wind to pile it up.


  3. Bernadette says:

    Great drawings! Like Holly, I have never drawn a truck either. Just seeing yours makes me want to try. I also see that my subjects are so ordinary, and yours are anything but! Thanks for always being so inspiring. I “see” differently after following your blog.


    • Get out there and draw a truck, Bernadette. They are actually quite fun to draw and in some ways, easier than cars because they are more rectangular. It is the curves on cars that make them harder to draw.


  4. Julana says:

    The title is poetry, like mercy falling as gentle rain from heaven.
    I know the truck departure is an inconvenience, but it is the part of your sketching practice I can most easily replicate. 🙂


  5. Ruth Jaeger says:

    When there’s nothing else to draw, there are always cars. I took a workshop once from Frank Francese who told us he once spent a year drawing cars. I’ve found they’re like faces–after a while you get the idea where all the bits go so you can fill in when the model departs. Having a truck with pipes is on a higher plane. Good job.


  6. anne farmer says:

    We got very excited in our village last weekend because we had about an hour of definite snowflakes! Nothing to show for it though…


  7. Sheryl pond says:

    I love these. What kind of pencil # do you use?I certainly know it’s not the pencil but I use pen right now but want to try pencil. I look forward to your paintings and drawings on your blog.


    • HI Sheryl. I use a mechanical pencil, quite fine with a soft lead. I think it’s a B lead, and it’s a .5 lead. For larger paintings I find this too fine so I use a regular pencil that needs sharpening. Regards,


  8. joantav says:

    Great quick sketches!!!


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