If I can learn something new every time I paint, I’m happy. Today I discovered the perfect colour for painting trash bags. But let’s back up the story a little first. Why did I choose to paint the trash? The answer is simple. Until the snow from this week’s storm in Montreal gets plowed, it’s hard to find a cleared parking spot with a good view of anything. I didn’t want to pick a scene that was too complex because when those plows do come along, they honk and honk to get you out of their way and good luck finishing the sketch. So I picked a simple scene to paint, and in the process discovered that the leftover Indigo paint I had on my palette was perfect for painting the trash bags.



48 Comments on “Trash”

  1. TonyU says:

    Never thought the day would come …..but finally one of your sketches is rubbish! 🙂


  2. ChesapkLady says:

    Wonderful, Shari, as always! LOVE those shiny black trash bags. 😀


  3. gaelle1947 says:

    Ok: this time you’ve elevated art to an even higher summit! I will never look at garbage bags the same way again and will be forever in awe of their artistic potential over and above mere functionality! Wowser! I just had to challenge Google for quotes that would tie in (pardon the pun!) trash and art and here are two of them to pay homage to your work today:
    “Trash has given us an appetite for art.” Pauline Kael.
    “To play safe, I prefer to accept only one type of power: the power of art over trash, the triumph of magic over the brute.” Vladimir Nabokov


  4. Carol King says:

    Love the trash bags. How did you make the green for the garbage can?


    • For the garbage can green I started with some Cobalt Teal that leaked in my palette (again!), then added Phthalo Green. That was too green so I added Raw Sienna to dull it down and then it was too yellowish so I added some Cerulean Blue. It seems I can’t really paint without Cerulean.


  5. I like the composition and palette and the slice or chunk of life!


  6. Jos VanBerkel says:

    Trash to a treasure! Amazing!


  7. Love this! I never thought I would say this in my lifetime, but that trash bag is downright beautiful! 😉


  8. carolyn says:

    Only you can make trash bags very attractive. 🙂


  9. Lee Kline says:

    If you would only come to Florida. You would never have to get out of the way of a rude snowplow driver.


  10. Dee Ludwig says:

    There are some days that the backyard is the only thing left to draw. I had a day like that today too!


  11. karim waked says:

    Never has garbage looked so good.


    514 9944433


  12. Monique says:

    Indigo..there you go..who knew?
    I will try;)


  13. rosjenke says:

    Only you can make bags and bins look so fantastic. The colours are absolutely spot on 👍


  14. Bernadette says:

    You take the ordinary and elevate it to a work of fine art. It makes me smile at the beauty of a trash bag masterfully painted! Thank you.


  15. Louise Boyer says:

    Now, Don’t TROW THAT SKETCH IN THE GARBAGE, it’s too good!
    Yes ha ha the endless snow, grey sky, might as well paint the garbage right!
    Who would of thought…. so well done Shari!


  16. Barbara Beynon says:

    Another wonderful proof that anything is sketch-worthy!


  17. joantav says:

    When we have snow in NYC we sometimes have huge piles of trash bags for pickup. Glad to see you found a perfect color for them. lol Who knew trash could look so good?


  18. prior.. says:

    glad you could reuse the leftover paint – win-win


  19. Kind of trashy but well done. I likke it


  20. lynnbowes says:

    Those are the pretties trash bags I ever have laid eyes on!
    (And I’m inspired to look at colors with an open eye.)


  21. Judy Sopher says:

    Shari, this picture is just great. It is actually amazing. And inspirational for us who think we can’t find anything interesting to paint. Thanks.


  22. andre savard. says:

    The sign of a good artist it to make a picture of nothing ijnto a beautifull art piece.Well done and love your black bag color.


  23. Carolyn Fitz says:

    I love opening your blog and studying your fresh wc! You are so authentic …your writing and art! Really enjoyed the mundane beauty of trash can and indigo bags!! This is my first time to respond…just know your site is so appreciated! With gratitude, Carolyn Fitz


  24. I leave the puns to others but just wanted to say that I admire greatly those artists capable of seeing and creating beauty from the mundane. This painting epitomizes that ideal.


  25. Catchy…Love the sketch…Great idea for a bad weather day…Love the positivity…Anything even trash can be seen in a beautiful way.


  26. Susanne says:

    And another corner! I never knew you liked to paint them so much!


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