The last few West Coast sketches

As wonderful as it is to get home after a long holiday, I have to admit I miss the West Coast mountain vistas. I managed to get in a few final sketches before flying home. The first one was painted while waiting in Nanaimo for the ferry back to Vancouver. It was a great day for painting clouds so during the long wait on the dock I found a spot with a spectacular view out into the Strait of Georgia. From that distance the snow-capped coastal mountain peaks on the mainland are visible but very subtle in value. They’re a bit darker and warmer than the clouds, but not much.


On the last full day in Vancouver I got out early to paint the palm trees along English Bay.  The first time I visited the city years ago I couldn’t believe we had palms in Canada, but I’ve never sketched them and thought they would be a good addition to my handout for “Trees in the City”, the workshop I will be giving at the Urban Sketchers Symposium in Chicago next week.


In true Vancouver fashion, it started to rain just as I completed my palm drawing, so I found a dry spot under a big tree and sketched the deep-sea freighters out on English Bay, finishing my tree sketch when the sun came out again.


And a quick note to everyone who commented on posts when I was travelling: I tried my best to respond to all of them from my iPad but it seems that many of my responses did not come through. I blame it on spotty wifi in remote locations, and I will answer them all  very soon.


22 Comments on “The last few West Coast sketches”

  1. Jeeshhhh! Stunners> I am especially in love with the skies!


  2. John R says:

    Hello, do you ever post progressive images. The beautiful palm trees today would be interesting to see the layers. Your painting are gorgeous.


    • Hi John, I do post progressive images occasionally but not often when I am travelling. I do love creating step-by-step posts but that can only happen when I have the luxury of time. I was on holiday with my family this summer so I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on the computer. But more of these posts will hopefully happen later this summer!


  3. Chris Rusk says:

    Your water sparkles. Beautiful mountains. Thx for BC memories 🙂


  4. Your paintings definitely represent the West Coast whether it’s Canada or U.S.


  5. Kirk says:

    Love the sketches; brought back memories of of my visit to Vancouver. Looking forward to all the Urban Sketcher postings from Chicago!


  6. D. Abreu says:

    Beautiful sketches Shari! I went there las summer and had a blast sketching!


  7. My home coast looks wonderful through your paintbrush 🙂


  8. Shari, Really loved these so much! You have such a great style – simple and elegant!


  9. Sylvie Marie Héroux says:

    Cool! I’ll be out West too next month, near Nanaimo and in Whistler. I guess I’ll be painting some mountains too. I tried to find sketchers in Parksville where I will be for a week and a half, but so far no luck! Although I don’t mind puttering around on my own, it’s nice to hand out with other people sometimes.


  10. Ben Aqiba says:

    Beautiful pictures. Thank you


  11. Amal says:

    nice post


  12. Love the granulation in the first sky. You had a very productive trip. Take a breath before your trip to Chicago. I didn’t get into one of your workshops there but will hopefully get to take one of your longer classes in a different location in the future. See you in Chicago.


  13. raghulam says:

    Beautiful ! You really have A great sense of creativity .. the way you painted the palm and the clouds has a unique touch to it .. I am Inspired ! ❤


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