Windmill, with friends

After a summer of travel to many spectacular locations, I was wondering how it would be to get back to drawing in my neighbourhood again. I’ve driven around Pointe Claire village so often there are probably very few historic corners I haven’t sketched. But there’s nothing like showing newcomers around to make these familiar locations feel new again.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being a tour guide to visiting sketchers Liz Steel and Anne-Laure Jacquart. We spent the day driving around the West Island, stopping for a first sketch at the windmill in Pointe Claire. After the exhausting (and thrilling) experience we all had in Chicago at the Urban Sketchers Symposium, the shade and quiet in my sleepy end of the city was somewhat of a relief. (Chicago sketches coming soon!)


If you are in Montreal and interested in meeting and drawing with these two talented artists, there will be a public sketching event tomorrow (Saturday, August 5) in Old Montreal. Details are here and everyone is welcome!


14 Comments on “Windmill, with friends”

  1. Julana says:

    That is a beautiful windmill, Shari. Glad Anne-Laure, Liz, and you are having a relaxing time after the turmoil of the city. You are generous people.


  2. Suzanne Priest-Brown says:

    Welcome to Anne-Laure and Liz , to this part of the world. I enjoy watching them on YouTube. Have a great stay and look forward to seeing your videos sketches from this trip. Suzi (I live in Ottawa but grew up in Montreal.)


  3. carolineontheglobe says:

    Beautiful! How talented! 🙂


  4. Monique says:

    Have fun! I’ve loved the stories:)On IG..


  5. in says:

    Beautiful assortment of colors!


  6. speak766 says:

    That drawing is amazing!


  7. How great that you were able to get together in your neck of the woods and show them the sites. Love the texture of the windmill structure!


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