Aquarius test

Years ago if you used Strathmore Aquarius paper, it had a nasty side effect of leaving fibreglass fibres in your hand as you painted. Very itchy and to be avoided all costs, for those of you who remember that old stock. But the Aquarius II paper seems to be reformulated without the offending shards, so I tried some today. It’s quite light (80 lb) and even though it’s labeled as cold press paper it seemed more like hot press to me. I like the sharp edges you get with direct painting (no pencil or pen on this) and the way the colours remain bright. The advantage of this paper is that even though it is very thin, the combination of natural and synthetic fibres keep it from buckling (this was just clipped to a board without taping the edges). As the paint dried it created some interesting edges and effects which worked quite well for the echinacea in my garden, but I’m not sure I’d use this for anything more than a quick sketch. When I wet the paper and washed over it with a diluted pale green in the background, the edges dried quickly, making it hard to go back into a damp area with more pigment (a characteristic I dislike about hot press paper). Tomorrow I’ll take it on the road and sketch an urban scene to see how it handles in the field.AquariusTest

26 Comments on “Aquarius test”

  1. Dee Ludwg says:

    How do you keep getting better and better? These are gorgeous!


  2. Ineke van den Berg says:

    Wish my echinacea looked as beautiful as yours. Good luck with your paper in tomorrow’s sketches.


  3. Kirk says:

    Pleasant picture!


  4. sue says:

    how very pretty, I love the combo of orange and purple


  5. Ayesha says:

    Very pretty..


  6. Judy Sopher says:

    This is lovely. Anxious to see the next painting you do with it.Since I like hot press, might try it.


  7. sandidureice says:

    Oh, I love this.


  8. Carol Cooney says:

    I think your painting is just perfect. I love your technique.


  9. Monique says:



  10. Villoo says:

    Your painting looks more beautiful than the echinaceas in my garden! I was trying out one yesterday and alas failed so miserably! Now I realise I need to practise my brush strokes; bypass all the fiddly details and simplify! Would love to know the paints and brushes you used.


  11. raghulam says:

    I wish I can paint Flowers like this 😣 they look so Amazing ❤


  12. Bernadette says:

    Although you may have had issues with the paper, the painting would never give me reason to think you had problems with the paper. It is still lovely and fresh as a daisy.


  13. Can’t tell you had any problems with the paper. This is lovely!


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