Cherry tomatoes

I didn’t put much thought into what to sketch today. The cherry tomatoes on my counter are so ripe they may burst. By tomorrow they will be eaten.

I am still experimenting with QoR watercolours. Last week I read lots of useful comments from other watercolorists who have been trying them out. I am reserving judgement until I use them many times on different types of paper. My sketchbook today was a Handbook Watercolour Journal — the book I use most often for daily sketches. I know this paper really well — how it reacts with very wet washes, how long it takes to dry, how much pigment should be on my brush — so it was the perfect place give it another try. I always think of testing paints as a scientific experiment, and this one had one less variable (the paper) to worry about.

I always have trouble painting with reds and spend lots of time trying to find the right ones. But I have to admit I like the reds from QoR. They’re bright without being opaque, and they remain vibrant as they dry. The three reds I used in the tomatoes are Quinacridone Magenta, Permanent Alizarin Crimson and Pyrrole Red Light, along with a bit of Hansa Yellow Light. I am still not convinced that I would use QoR for a large watercolour, but for small sketches like this one with no large dark areas, I am satisfied with the results.


11 Comments on “Cherry tomatoes”

  1. Francisco says:

    So cute and beautiful!


  2. Love the watercolor sketch. The cherry tomatoes sparkle!


  3. Bernadette says:

    How difficult to paint a composition of multiple reds while finding good results. I love the tomatoes so ripe and juicy. It is a wonderful exercise in color as well as a test for a new watercolor.


  4. Stan Kramer says:

    QoR are good paints but quite pricey.


  5. Chris Rusk says:

    I was going to say ‘they sparkle’ too! I will have to fall back on ‘the colour is scrumptious!’ – something Wilma Pinkus, my watercolour teacher used to say when she was giving a work very high praise. Which is true.


  6. Deborah Nolan says:

    Shari – this is a lovely sketch of tomatoes. They certainly look good enough to eat. Loved your drawing of your sweet dog in the previous post. Hope you are having a great day.


  7. Interesting that you like how bright the colors are: I struggle with them because they are so bright: most of the time I am trying to tame atleast some of my color into quieter shades and QoR colors make that job harder! I like them for making happy, bright somewhat whimsical art…


  8. joantav says:

    I love the shades of red…perfect for tomatoes! These are little gems.


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