A corner

If my favourite parking spot is available near this particular corner in Pointe Claire, I always grab it. It’s the first spot after a no-parking zone, so I know no one can park in front of me. Why do I like this view so much? It’s the combination of the curve in the road, the highway signs that add colour, a bit of a foreground building, a few structures in the middle of the picture, and of course a good utility pole with plenty of wires. It makes for a dynamic composition with plenty of detail and interest.

I always start by painting the big shapes — sky, road, then brick building and trees. When those are dry I add the smaller shapes — pole, shadows on the road and buildings, cars and windows. The last details to be painted are the smaller darks in the windows and under the cars, as well as the lines on the sidewalk and the deep greens of the foliage. PteClaireCorner

28 Comments on “A corner”

  1. -N- says:

    Looks rather summery (all the greens) for so far north! I certainly see the fascination for the spot – lots to look at.


  2. Ren says:

    I absolutely love your style. I would dearly love to see a video of a painting such as this from start to finish. Not in real time, but sped up, as I am a visual learner. Then when I read your directions, they will make more sense to me.


  3. David says:

    Thanks for the pointers. I always listen!


  4. karim waked says:

    Love i’
    Love u!



  5. Barbara Beynon says:

    What are the dimensions of your page for this sketch? I’m curious because I often have trouble with the lettering on street signs, shops etc. in cityscapes.


  6. anne farmer says:

    Brilliant – clear, concise analysis of How to do it! What could go wrong?


  7. Carol Cooney says:

    You are right, it is a most interesting subject. Good job, I love it.


  8. Andrew Zakovorotny says:

    Shari’s paintings are simple and charming, full of impression and presence. Love them all!


  9. Sue McKee says:

    Your genius for composition dazzles me. I love the energy in this painting. How do you fit these gems into your day?


  10. Richard Lee says:

    Just freakin’ awesome.


  11. Mary says:

    Wow, Shari – this is fantastic! At first glimpse I could feel my mood lift noticeably. Thanks for sharing your sequence – very helpful to hear. Whenever I see your posts, I alway feel like I’m being served the best dessert – I savor each one.


  12. joani1 says:

    Love your work, Shari! Thanks for the tips – you’re a terrific teacher – I’ve taken one of your online courses and would urge anyone to do the same. Thanks for sharing!


  13. Lovely capture of the corner…a simple view but with so much going on!!! I like how you described how this spot appeals to you. Thanks for sharing.


  14. Mariel says:

    Lovely painting! 🙂


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