To the lighthouse

Today my bike took me to the Sanibel Island Lighthouse (c. 1884) where I sat on the sand and looked up, way up, at the ribbons and wreaths that decorate the top of the iron structure. This is not an easy thing to draw, I’ll admit. The perspective of the supporting structure is tricky, and sitting on the sand without a chair doesn’t help, but on this trip I’m experimenting with carrying as little as possible in my sketch bag.

I often have a tendency to bring every brush I own with me, as well as several sketch books, a folding stool, a sun umbrella… the list goes on and on. But I love the freedom of travelling around by bike to sketch, so my kit this week is whatever fits in my ultralight backpack. Tomorrow I’ll take a photo of my supplies.

19 Comments on “To the lighthouse”

  1. TonyU says:

    Lovely sketch and what a lovely thing to do on Christmas Day. Hope it’s bringing back youthful memories of cycling around Provence painting …. if I’ve remembered the story right?


  2. Flowerfun says:

    Great scene. I also like to travel light when out of my regular area. Would you also include the brand of sketch book & paper type for our reference.


  3. SONI says:

    From someone who does the same with ALL the brushes plus kitchen sink (it feels like), thanks for sharing that !!! Looking forward to your supply photo tomorrow

    Meanwhile, continue the fun, rest & Season’s Best


  4. sandidureice says:

    Hi Shari,
    This is really lovely. The story behind this sketch is very interesting too. I wonder about including the story on the facing page, in your own handwriting. Many of your blog post narratives would add a further dimension to your sketchbooks.
    Happy cycling.


    • I don’t usually do much writing in my sketchbooks Sandi. I guess I started out that way and have continued to include only drawings, but I certainly enjoy writing my posts when I get home.


  5. joantav says:

    I think you did a great job on the structure of the lighthouse tower. I like your idea of biking and traveling very light…although I like a little more comfort myself and would definitely need a small chair.


  6. Donna says:

    You lucky woman!!!! Enjoy all the sand and sun!!!


  7. terry says:

    as they say,”Less ( art supplies) is More” Love this one !


  8. Mary says:

    Wow – your simplification of your supplies so you can travel light did not in any way whatsoever impede your painting skills! This is lovely – and what a great job you did on the lighthouse structure. As one who packs all but the kitchen sink – don’t think I haven’t tried – I’m looking forward to seeing your pared down supplies. Happy travels!


  9. Rosalinda says:

    Love your wstercolor..

    Thanks for sharing


  10. Monique says:

    Have fun..I gather you are away.WE have a fondness for Fl:)Love your sunny work..we had snow Christmas eve and day and right now it is10 F in the skies..because of the bitter cold.


  11. Reggie says:

    Please, Sir, may I have some more?

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Glad you found a place in the sun and warmth this frigid (it’s only 3F here in the mountains of Virginia) winter. When much younger I lived due east of Ft. Myers on the Atlantic coast of Florida; not quite as warm as the Gulf side but still a semi-tropical respite from the cold. Enjoy the sketching and painting time.


    • Thanks John. I’m enjoying every minute here (and the cold has now made its way down here too). I know what I have to go back to very soon so I am soaking up every bit of warmth I can get. Stay warm.


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