Sunday afternoon dog drawings

I thought I might do a detailed drawing of Alice chewing on a bone, but quickly realized that this would be more like the thirty second poses at the start a life drawing session. As soon as you draw the quick gesture, the model changes position.SundayDog1At some point Alice grew tired of the bone and got up, hoping for a walk. When I told her to sit back down, she grunted and turned her back to me. This was a good opportunity for me to practice foreshortening.
When the leash still did not materialize, she turned herself around, sat on the bone, and stared at me. By the time I got around to drawing her eyes, she was starting to nod off.
SundayDog3Her final act of defiance was to fall over and play dead. And then she got her walk. SundayDog4Sketched on Stillman & Birn Nova Series tan paper.

23 Comments on “Sunday afternoon dog drawings”

  1. gaelle1947 says:

    Absolutely delightful stills of a “Dog Day Afternoon”!!!


  2. loisajay says:

    Ha! Poor Alice… Wonderful drawings, though.


  3. Aww, sounds like something my dog would do. XD ❤ gotta love those puppers.


  4. Jane Hannah says:

    Dog sketching is really hard Shari — and you nailed it!


    • I think I’m better at drawing dogs than people. I wonder why?? Thanks Jane.

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      • Jane Hannah says:

        Hum… I do get that Shari! For me I am actually shy to draw in front of people and especially if drawing people. Sometimes it is not appreciated…. LOL -))) I have had some wild encounters when drawing some people!


      • I know exactly what you mean Jane. Drawing people can be awkward. I have a hard time drawing people I know because their faces are so familiar and I am worried that I won’t get a likeness. (Dogs, of course, will never take offence!) Drawing people I don’t know is even harder because of the moment when they realize they are being drawn. Yes, there have been some strange moments, but usually if you show them the drawing they are quite pleased to help out. I always tell them I am working on a school project to draw as many people as I can in a day. That usually does the trick.

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      • Jane Hannah says:

        Hah… thanks for the tip Shari -)))


  5. Denise says:

    Gotta love Alice! Good luck with the ” one week 100 people challenge”. Easier than finding 100 dogs, I’m sure.


  6. Carol says:

    awww, Alice is a pouter like my Lab…haha. Thank you for sharing your life with others. It is an inspiration. I love all your work. xx


  7. timdada says:


    Wonderful drawings. Thanks so much.




  8. Jean says:

    Your Alice is my favourite model! Thank you!


    • Ineke says:

      I absolutely agree with you. Alice has no need to talk since her actions speak far louder than words (or barks)!


  9. Judy Sopher says:

    These are so great! The tan paper with white accents gives them life.

    I have been trying to draw my dogs for years. Very difficult. (even worse trying to photograph them) I once earned some money painting dog portraits in egg tempera—that was many years ago and from photographs so that doesn’t count. But you have captured Alice in various poses and that is better than a photo.And the tan paper really works. Have to try that with my 2 mutts.
    Thanks for the inspiration.


  10. You captured the poses so incredibly well what a lovely live session with a super model !


  11. pastimes2017 says:

    Oh, Shari! What sweet poses! Great dog, too! Peggy


  12. Alison says:

    Lovely use of brush pen with pencils. The rear view is great.


  13. joantav says:

    Fun sketches of her “attitude.” Persistence paid off for both of you.

    I was frustrated with the Porto workshop registration…even though I tried several times I got closed out of your workshops. Shadows in the alley seems like such a great subject for me. I’m going to keep checking back because I was told things might open up as we get close to the date for people to cancel if needed. I’m hoping to be in Porto for over a week sketching, so maybe I will get to see you out and about anyway…or luck out and get to see your demo.


  14. Lovely drawings – spontaneous and full of character. The toned background is just right too.


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