On a break between classes today I went out to sketch in the Vanier College Collective Gardens, which are on the campus grounds right near my office. There’s a bench in the middle of the beds, no doubt placed there for garden contemplation, or in my case, sketching.

Besides being a beautiful place to sketch, there are a few reasons why I feel a connection to these gardens. I got to know about them through my teaching job at the college. I love to assign real projects to my students, so last year when they were looking for a new logo for the gardens, I turned it into a class project in my Promotional Documents class. As well, when the Pedagogical Support office was looking for designs for a new academic publication, my students and I took it on in our Publication Design class. If you are interested in seeing the results, here’s the current issue  of the magazine, along with a great article about the gardens, including their new logo on page 2. Can you tell I’m proud?


5 Comments on “Pride”

  1. Madeline says:

    That is excellent and a wonderful use of interdisciplinary outreach. You and your students are talented. Thanks for sharing this happy story.


  2. Nilzeitung says:

    the color is correct and also really firm, great picture! thanks for sharing ::


  3. joantav says:

    These are super…and I love the pieces sticking out of the edges of each mini painting.


  4. Judy Sopher says:

    Lovely flowers. As always.

    Not being knowledgeable on graphic design, I have a question. I looked through the magazine. Wonderful for students to be able to accomplish this garden. Is the logo on pg. 2 the title at the top? (I keep looking for art work.) Thanks.


  5. Lucille Whalen says:

    Hi Donna, Thé 24th sounds fine and enjoy this beautiful day…..merci. Hugs L


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