Ottawa Street, Griffintown

When I first started sketching in 2011, Montreal’s Griffintown neighbourhood was a very different place. It was just the start of a massive construction and gentrification process in what used to be the first area where Irish immigrants to this city would settle in the early nineteenth century. In 2012, the old buildings were still intact and I sketched the row houses and a few cranes. Seven years later, it’s even harder to find traces of the old neighbourhood. Griffintown is mostly tall condo buildings, construction sites for tall condo buildings, pricey home furnishing stores (you have to fill those condos with something), restaurants and cafés. I realize this is part of the evolution of cities but I miss being able to draw places like the Horse Palace and other old buildings in the neighbourhood. This watercolour is another half-sheet painting that will go into the upcoming show at Galerie Carlos in March.

16 Comments on “Ottawa Street, Griffintown”

  1. Jeff Gold says:

    Really rich color and feeling of light; the shadows help to achieve that. There’s a wonderful sense of “place” as you always manage to capture. Love it! I can’t wait to see the original along with the others in the Galerie Carlos show.


  2. Judy Sopher says:

    Beautiful painting, even if those are condos on the right. I think it is fascinating with the bright colors and variety of buildings.I went back to look at the previous one. Really love it. The palette is wonderful as are the shapes. And what a change. Wonder how you decided on this much contrast? Lighter earth tones vs. intense colors. ( Am I making sense?)


  3. Doug Elliot says:

    Interesting to follow the development of the area through sketches Shari.


    • Thanks Doug. After I posted this I realized that I should have been documenting more of it in the interim, but since sketching is not my full-time job, it was hard to find the time. There are still a few old buildings left down there. I should really make sure I record them before they’re torn down as well.


  4. mayelalameda says:

    It is encouraging to see how your paintings have evolved over time… and like with good wine they get better with time.


  5. Carol says:

    Your Winter scenes are so interesting. I can see the detail more easily.


  6. Thanks for sharing this colorful image of Montreal. I enjoy seeing where your sketches and painting will go next.


  7. SuSkjersaa says:

    I really enjoy your art. Keep “acting.”

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