Alice in the afternoon

Alice takes a nap in my office in the afternoon. She’s always partially under my drafting table which creates great shadow patterns across her body. And like all good models she switches sleeping positions often, so I do several drawings with a new (and wonderful) drawing tool: a Caran d’Ache Grafcube RGB. This was in the goody bag from the Chicago Sketch Seminar a few weeks back. It’s like a graphite stick but better — water-soluble, rich and dark, and instead of being pale grey it’s got a blueish tone to it like a tube of Payne’s Grey watercolour. Just gorgeous to work with as it releases pigment easily, and lets you draw right into wet areas. Sketched on a Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook.

14 Comments on “Alice in the afternoon”

  1. Judy Sopher says:

    I didn’t realize she has such long legs.Usually she is curled up. Its so hard to draw dogs without movement. But you’ve captured 3 drawings. Or are these paintings? Love them.


  2. Carol Cooney says:

    Alice seems to look the same in most of your drawings…..mostly in repose. Haha.


  3. joantav says:

    Nice sketches of Alice!


  4. kimlc says:

    Love these! Alice looks content, which to me is a sign of a well loved dog 🙂


  5. Donna says:

    So nice to see Alice. Loved your Rockport paintings Looking forward to seeing your oils. Been dabbling with oils….find the texture to be a somewhat satisfying feeling.


  6. I really like the grey you used, it has a slight bluish tinge.


  7. Gorgeous! There are few things more fun to draw than dogs’ paws!


  8. Lynn says:

    I went straight to the link to the Caran d ache site and searched for the cube and the only thing that came up was a set of graphline pencils.. It sound like yours was more like a conte crayon shape.


  9. Jean says:

    Thanks…I am a huge fan of Alice, who resembles my dog in outline. I also admire the colour of the shadows illustrated here.


  10. Awe, she is so sweet, nice sketches


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