Well, it’s a great time to learn

If you’re stuck in the house, and have the luxury of time, now is a great time to learn. There are so many online courses, and many of them have been discounted for this quarantine period.

I just started watching James Gurney’s new course, and this is the first exercise from Colour in Practice. The lesson is about using black and white gouache, but working with the pigments both transparently and opaquely. I can’t tell you what the exercises are in the rest of the video because I got so excited about the first one that I jumped in immediately to try it. In my basement office, I have lots of little bottles on a window shelf, and outside the window is a window well. Not very romantic, this window well view, but well, it’s all I have these days.

Also on my list to watch: a new video by Mike Hernandez on YouTube, a new course with James Richards on Skillshare, and a masterclass in watercolour by the amazing British artist Keith Hornblower. Go for it! You might regret not learning some new stuff when this is all over.

And if you have a little time at 5 pm PST, have a look @Etchr_lab on Instagram tonight. They will be sharing a few of my video tips for painting during quarantine.

14 Comments on “Well, it’s a great time to learn”

  1. pamlopez15 says:

    I will certainly check out Etchr_lab at 5pm! 🙂


  2. Pastor Cathy says:

    Well, it’s a great time to learn

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  3. Mary King says:

    Sheri I have had several of your sketching classes. But don’t remember where I watched them from. I unfortunately did not enter them by your name. I would like to take the new course also on plants. It was a place that offered other classes but not many. Any thoughts?


  4. Dianne Waite says:

    Thanks very much Shari for those links, just looking at them helps!
    Best wishes, Dianne

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  5. urbansketchersmumbai says:

    The reflections are great! I’ve signed up for James gurney too. Unfortunately I’m out of white gouache and I’m saving the last bits for highlights for my watercolours. So I’m going to have to wait to start his course.

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  6. Tricia says:

    I Iove this black and white painting, it is so effective! Quite often I get overwhelmed with colour. Beautiful!


    • Tricia, using monochrome is such a great way to practice. And then gradually introduce colour. That’s what I love about this approach from James Gurney. He adds one or two colours at a time.


  7. Nice painting, it is black and white, but the colours look very rich almost like you used bright pigments to create neutral greys. My favourite Black right now is Sap Green and Quinacrodone Magenta. it makes almost a perfect black but it also has interesting undertones.


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