Mushroom trio

Lucky me. My son arrived here with fresh mushrooms — chanterelles, shiitakes and one truffle. These will become part of dinner very soon, likely a risotto, so I had to sketch them quickly. The colours in the chanterelles are so beautiful — going from a pale orange in shadow to almost white where the afternoon sun hits them — that I decided to sketch them in watercolour and water-soluble pencil. The pencil lines melt a little when you touch them with a wet brush, and that seemed just right for the soft edges of the mushrooms. I’ll let you know if they are as tasty as they look.

7 Comments on “Mushroom trio”

  1. Loved the Peppers class this morning. I had to leave a few minutes early, but will finish when the recording is posted.. thanks so much. I had some cheap gouache that had a non too pleasant odor.. will look for Holbein.. thanks again. I still have a couple of other classes of yours paid for but not done.. I wonder why my life is so busy now that no one else’s is? LOL

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  2. sandidureice says:

    Great peppers’ class this morning, thank you. Whatever the mushrooms are I love the combination of WC pencil and paint.


  3. Judy Sopher says:

    Love this. For some reason, mushrooms look cheerful. I like using watercolor pencils but never thought of using them for soft edges. Will try it.


  4. Betsy says:

    I like all your paintings but I think my favorites are the ones where you really go to town with the earth primaries.

    (And maybe a little violet for lagniappe.)


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