A day of contrasts

This weirdly warm weather we are experiencing in Montreal brings with it some strange contrasts. The light is sharp and yet soft at the same time. The air is warm but if you step into the shade it’s freezing. It’s very odd and it doesn’t feel at all like Montreal in November.

I took advantage of this by returning to the boat yard to paint the boats in dry dock in the rapidly fading light. Backlit scenes are not my specialty, but I tried to look at the scene and evaluate each piece of the puzzle by thinking about the values. Within those lights and darks, there were no sharp colours that were apparent from where I was standing, but I tried to contrast warm and cool. I guess that was fitting considering the temperatures of the day.

13 Comments on “A day of contrasts”

  1. Seeing the boats in dry dock takes me to Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where similar scenes are played out every autumn.


  2. benzozw4 says:

    gorgeous and inspiring for when I’m stuck with a back-lit scene.


  3. This one has some complicated shapes. You really have captured the scene so well. They must love you in the shipyard. Do any of the boat owners see your work.?


  4. I like the contrast of the color of the sky and the boats. Lovely job on this. We are having the same kind of weather…warm and sunny, but once that sun starts to go down the temperature is very different in the shade. I’ve been trying to capture the colors of autumn here. Enjoy it while it lasts.


  5. Denise says:

    Once again, you’ve worked your magic! Enjoying some magical weather here in Connecticut as well, but limiting the painting to backyard scenes in an effort to stay well!


  6. sandidureice says:

    Wow, so atmospheric. And those lovely bits of white paper…


  7. M. L. Kappa says:

    Wonderful light and contrast in this painting, Shari! 💕


  8. Laura Kate says:

    I rather like back-lit scenes. It’s the warm sky behind the cool foreground that can be quite striking.


  9. Judy Sopher says:

    Always love your boats.Seeing this interesting painting makes me anxious for your class on boats.My vision is slowly returning but still not ready for a class.


  10. ismail says:

    hi,, wonderful, very thanks.. is it only gouache, or watercolor + gouache ? .. regards..


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