Curio’s window

If you have a hankering to look at other vistas besides what you’ve been seeing at out of your own window for the past ten months, have a look at WindowSwap. Perhaps you’ve seen it already, but if not, check it out. It’s a free website where people upload videos of views from their windows all over the world. Sometimes the view is of other buildings in a city, or a backyard mess with a baby toddling through it, or even a cat looking out the window. Yesterday I chose this view from Curio’s window in Saratov, Russia, while I was drawing on Zoom with friends. Sketched in a Handbook Watercolour Journal 8″ x 8″ in ink and whatever colours were left on my palette from the day before.

28 Comments on “Curio’s window”

  1. Judith says:

    I enjoyed checking out Window Swap and saw the “window” that inspired your painting. Your search for creative windows into painting continues to astound me. Thanks, Shari.


  2. Judy Sopher says:

    This is fascinating. And fun. Thanks for sharing this. I haven’t traveled much and enjoying the pictures from so many places. And, of course, love your painting.


  3. Thanks for reminding me about this website.
    Back to the square handbook! Perfect for this panorama.


  4. murraylh says:

    So cute, and so much detail packed in!Sent via the Samsung Galaxy S9, an AT&T 5G Evolution capable smartphone


  5. Cindy Wahlstrom says:

    Thank you for sharing your painting and WindowSwap. It was a joy to view.


  6. cemeryposh says:

    Alas, this app does not turn off when you exit it. The audio of your last Window View stays open somewhere in the background and you can hear traffic sounds, keyboard clicks and whatnot. I have never run into anything like this before. You might like to warn your followers.

    Other than that, your work is delightful!



  7. Nina says:

    you’ve captures the vista beautifully and I can see how you are enjoying your pen 🙂


  8. Leonie MCLAREN says:

    Love this one, the theme, the colours, the overall finished product
    thanks for sharing


  9. I never heard of Window Swap. I will have to check it out. Nice work on this!


  10. pw57 says:

    There are so many creative ways to see the World and get inspired. Thank you for sharing. As always, I love your sketches.


  11. denniskochem says:

    Hi Shari. I’m the guy in central NY that asked you about a possible class in the Syracuse area. You thought Watkins Glen would be a great spot. That all got pushed to the back burner due to covid. I bought one of your classes thru Craftsy, before you offered them yourself, and Craftsy has been having issues for months, says internet not available. Not sure if you have any clout with them but it’s quite frustrating. I’ve bought several of your other courses directly from you, but I wanted to re-watch the ones on Craftsy. Keep up your wonderful work. I enjoy your weekly posts. Thanks!! Dennis


    • Hi Dennis. Of course I remember you. I would still love to do a workshop in Watkins Glen when the border reopens and Covid is under control. Will that ever happen??
      Craftsy was purchased by TM Marketing last year so there has been some upheaval there. But things seem to be better.
      I don’t have any clout whatsoever because I’ve been focusing on my own teaching site and not really involved with any new courses for them.
      Have you tried contacting them? I know my courses are still selling and you should be able to access them if you have already paid for them.
      And fingers crossed that we can still plan a workshop together.


  12. LizanneG says:

    Shari, it’s SO beautiful! I love limited palette and the deep blue!


  13. Kir says:

    Thanks. Shari!
    Another Saratov’s native reporting. 🙂
    A very pleasant surprise to start a day. I really like your palette and perspective in this image. Definitely will check your blog and thanks for WindowSwap tip.


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