Portobello in a bag

The doorbell rings often these days because instead of going out we have stuff delivered. This sketch has two deliveries combined in one. The portobellos arrived from Lufa Farms. I loved opening the box and finding mushrooms in a paper bag. Another delivery was from Goulet Pens. I’ve been waiting for some bottles of de Atramentis ink in brown and black. The ink is as advertised: very quick drying. I filled my Ackerman pen immediately to try it, and I love how dark it gets when I use a lot of pressure on the pen. As for the mushroom, it had to be drawn quickly before it got sliced and cooked into a pasta dish.

9 Comments on “Portobello in a bag”

  1. Denise says:

    Amazing detail in a humble mushroom! And the perfect color👍


  2. annelitimmerbacka says:

    De Atramentis braun ink has been my favorite one for awhile. It’s nice to see how you draw with it. Amazing drawing!
    Many sketchers use black ink but I often find it too dark and too precise in my sketches. Perhaps it is something to do with my own colours (blond with blue eyes) 😉


  3. goshornmom says:

    I really like that brown, I presume sepia, good looking mushroom I wish we could get deliveries like that!


    • Margaret, it’s called de Atramentis Document ink, in brown. I love the colour because unlike another Walnut ink I have which is only light brown, this one does get really dark. So nice. And the mushrooms were delicious. I feel fortunate that we can get deliveries from Lufa Farms which sells their own local greenhouse vegetables and other treats like these mushrooms. They were amazing.


  4. Donna says:

    I think I missed dinner!!!! Any leftovers? Thanks for the info on the ink. I still have not persued inks. Just finished a whirlwind workshop on pastels which is not my thing…but I wanted to challenge myself. Satisfying because it is very tactile. I felt like I was part of the pastel stick. However I have issues with the dust. And the cost of good pastels….way too much.

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  5. Good Morning dear friend Shari,

    I love mushrooms very much. But this is a costly in India.
    There are many varieties.

    The one you drawn is Exotic Mushroom and costly, One Kg is 20 US $.
    And also depend on size too. Mostly we get a normal Rose flower size.

    This sketch is amazing.

    I have lot of your sketches pending to comment.

    Just few days I was bit lazy and now, your sketch files heaped up.
    I am feeling like appearing for examinations during student career.
    I don’t know when I will clear all these files.
    But I will clear them.

    Regards and blessings.

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  6. Betsy says:

    This is a lovely drawing to me! The soft lines are very etching-like. Your lines, especially where they go around the curved edge of the cap and the gills, really convey the texture of “mushroom”. I bet it was fun, and hard, to capture those narrow shadowed places between the gills.

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