Sixteen to twenty-one

The hyacinths are blooming. They still have some growing to do, but I have other clumps in the garden so I decided that I would draw this grouping before they were fully upright. It was a bit cool this morning while I was sketching, and they seemed to be huddled inside their leaves, like I was, inside my jacket. To draw them I used a dip pen and water-soluble éclat de saphir ink from Jacques Herbin. Just the perfect colour for these flowers. I also used a brush in some areas to get masses of that deep blue/purple colour.

I also added the hyacinths to my jpeg of the full concertina sketchbook layout. There’s lots of rain in the forecast for the next few days, so it may only be the weekend before I can add to the book again.

8 Comments on “Sixteen to twenty-one”

  1. Northern Traveller says:

    Beautiful! I love the colour of this ink.


  2. -N- says:

    This will be a wonderful keepsake of this spring’s blooms. Looking forward to more – and perhaps a complete pano of the finished book?


  3. Donna says:

    Beautiful blue!!! You are so disciplined with this daffodil project!!!! Amazing. I’ve been going through old paintings and trying to improve them. Unfortunately this is leading to overworking. We may have snow in that rain Friday!!


  4. Bernadette says:

    The brilliant blue hyacinth compliment the yellow daffodils beautifully. Thank you for sharing your disciplined approach and dedication in helping us to be inspired enough to follow your example.


  5. lois says:

    This is the most gorgeous blue ink…!!


  6. Laura Kate says:

    Nice choice of media.


  7. Cindy Wahlstrom says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.


  8. Oh, I love the color for the hyacinths! Inspired!!


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