Magnolias and magenta

This week magnolia trees are in their prime in Montreal, but I don’t have one so I sketched one in my neighbourhood. Every year it’s the same tree because it’s huge, laden with blooms, and fairly close to the road, so I can paint it unobtrusively from my car. The pink on saucer magnolias is kind of a muted colour and I’m never sure what pigment to use. Today I tried Permanent Magenta, since I have that on my palette at the moment.

Last year when I filled my travel palette I left a few spots for colours that I might want to try out, and those are the ones on the far left. A year later they are still there, so I guess they’re staying. At the top is Chromium Black from Winsor & Newton. It’s a black that is not too granulating, and it’s warm, which is nice for greys in urban scenes. In the middle is Cobalt Green — a very opaque pigment that is perfect for accents of colour in sketches with lots of people in them, or for painting glacier-fed lakes or tropical seas. And the third in the row is Permanent Magenta, which I use often for florals, and which came in very handy today with these magnolias.

13 Comments on “Magnolias and magenta”

  1. Pegret Harrison says:

    So so pretty…you are so talented….



  2. TonyU says:

    A beautiful tree beautifully captured!


  3. Hi Shari

    I’m intrigued by the Chromium Black – I can’t find it on UK store websites or the Winsor & Newton site. Is it W&N or a different brand?


  4. Jane Haddock says:

    Shari, your pallette always looks so “fresh” – like you’ve just squeezed in the paints. How do you keep them from drying out? Is it just the effect of spritzing them with water?


    • HI Jane,
      I was teaching a workshop online this past weekend, so my palette is freshly filled, for the most part. But when the colours are good quality pigment they stay fresh for a long time in that palette, and yes, I do spritz them before I go out.


  5. Tami says:

    Hi Shari, Beautifully created!! Love all the color! Do you have the list of colors in the palette shown somewhere? I am always interested to see who uses what color combos in their palettes and see how they’re used. Many thanks~


  6. Excellent painting of a Magnolia Tree, I heard some of them froze off in the snow last week. The ones around here look fine, but I do not see a whole lot of these trees since it takes a fairly good gardener to grow them in our climate.


  7. mcammeehan says:

    Love the painting and even your palette is lovely. Where I live many magnolia’s were damaged by the snow and didn’t bloom out fully. But then they’re not meant to grow in parts of Canada – too cold.


  8. Good Evening dear friend Shari,

    The branches and flowers look very beautiful with yellow blue background.



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