Alice on the bed

I took a photo of Alice on a bed that she thinks is hers. It’s where she has a nap in the morning after her walk. I loved the composition of the folds of the sheet that covers the bed so I painted it today in gouache on hot press paper in my Etchr sketchbook. My gouache palette has plenty of bright colours on it but I love gouache best when I can mix up all the beautiful greys and neutrals. For this I used mostly Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue, Yellow Ochre and of course some white.

34 Comments on “Alice on the bed”

  1. lois says:

    This is my bed in the morning, only with cats! You have captured the feel of the sheets so well, Shari. Whatta you mean ‘thinks’ it’s hers?! 😄

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  2. lise says:

    so nice … lucky Alice … 😊


  3. jere mcinerney says:

    My two dogs know they own the bed….they grant me a sliver on the side… are an inspiration…thanks so much for sharing your great talent and love of the outdoors and Alice with us


    • Thanks so much Jere! Glad your dogs leave you a little spot! That’s very thoughtful of them.
      Alice knows she is not allowed on our bed but she does put two front paws up to say hello in the morning. This is our son’s bed, and he doesn’t live here any more so Alice has taken it over as hers!


  4. D says:

    Wow! I just love the soft colors! You captured the ruffled sheets so well.


  5. Bernadette says:

    Oh my this is exquisite! Love the colors, texture and composition. Hang this one framed in your bedroom.


  6. Denise says:

    The light and shadows are fabulous! Anything starring Alice is a treat to look at😀


  7. Northern Traveller says:

    Lovely yellow light and gorgeous fabric creases Shari! Alice looks well nestled in to her silver lair. Makes me want to take a nap! Mary (Toronto)


  8. Linda Zorich says:

    LOVE this painting. My heart is always with our fur babies. I can so relate to this painting and love that you used gouache, which always seem to give the painting more weight. Keep painting and sharing I really enjoy your work and it keeps me reminded to do more art. I’m getting my gear ready to do some plein air painting.


  9. Definitely a winner!

    You are incredibly talented and I always enjoy your posts. Thank you ! Sally (in Santa Cruz, California)



  10. Mary Grasek says:

    Wow. It’s always amazing to see your work. I really like the gouache. Waiting to see if you’ll offer an online class in it. I have most of your other courses. Still learning watercolor, but gouache looks so beautiful.



    • HI Mary,
      Thanks for asking about the class. Yes, a gouache one is in the works. In fact I was supposed to start filming it yesterday but I hurt my back so it is delayed by a few days. But it’s coming soon.


  11. Tami Jacques says:

    Great job Shari!!! I am still trying to capture our dogs in scenes like this so when I see what you have done it is inspiring!!! Thank you!!


    • HI Tami, I have drawn Alice so often that I am used to her shapes. But it does get frustrating when she changes position. Of course the best time to draw dogs, as you know, is when they are tired : )


  12. Kathleen Harte Gilsenan says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I love the composition with the Lab at the top of the page.


  13. Dian R Taylor says:

    So sweet, nice painting


  14. susie langley says:



  15. Sherri T Skrivanos says:

    Love this composition and colors but especially interested in the line/texture on Alice. Was that achieved with scratching out or something else?


  16. Good Morning dear Shari,

    It is very pleasant to see Miss. Alice. She looks quite calm and happy.
    Yes, the folds on the bedsheet look brilliant.

    Blessings to you, your family, and Alice.
    Lord bless us all.


    • Miss Alice is always happy after her walk. Thanks so much for writing. I just wrote a comment on your previous note, but I will say it again. I hope you and your family are staying healthy during this difficult time.


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