Bulbs 35-40

I had some catching up to do in my garden sketches today. Only a few sad clumps to draw but more will be ready soon. There are huge groupings of tulips that are about to bloom but I’m waiting until they open to draw them. The buds are starting to turn pink or purple, which means they must be captured them in their prime for the full colour effect.

Today I used both gouache (for a thick paint effect) and a Micron pen (to build up line) because I’m trying to sketch these using as many different materials as I can. If all 200 bulbs end up blooming then I will likely run out of new materials to use, but this paper can’t take a lot of water so most of what I use will have to be on the dryish side.

15 Comments on “Bulbs 35-40”

  1. Iona says:

    Shari, these are lovely and I’m sorry you hurt your back, it’s certainly not fun bending to the level of the flowers to sketch them, I can relate. Pale yellow tulips are one of my favourites, we had them when I was very little. Thank you for your posts, as always you inspire! Take care.


    • Thanks so much Iona. This back problem is not from working in the garden or even sketching it, but it’s preventing me from getting out there. Hopefully it will be resolved soon so I can sketch more tulips!


  2. Oh oh, not happy to read your back. Sorry to hear that.
    I’m loving your bulb project!


  3. Bernadette says:

    Sorry about your back. Sketching low growing flowers can get the best of cloth knees and back. Be careful.


    • Thanks Bernadette. This is a chronic issue that makes an appearance every few years. This time it did not happen from gardening but it is preventing me from getting out there, which is frustrating. So many weeds that need removing!! And tulips that need sketching. But I am on the mend!


  4. Bernadette says:

    Oops….the “best of both knees and back.” Be careful


  5. Mary Grasek says:

    I look forward to your posts. I really like how you include the entire collection as you go along. Hope your back is better soon.



    • Thanks so much Mary. I appreciate your kind wishes. I am getting better and watching the new tulips from my window, and hoping the my back will be better so I can get out to the garden to sketch them!


  6. Denise says:

    Get well wishes for your back. Glad it hasn’t stopped you from painting and posting!


  7. Lovely job on these. I like how you were able to show the contrast of the white tulips against the background. Well done!


  8. Wayne Bissky says:

    You are a treasure Shari.


    • Wayne, so great to hear from you. I thought we might see each other this spring but we won’t visit the West Coast until things are better with Covid. Hope you and the growing family are all well.


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