Hello autumn

The first signs of autumn in my neighbourhood are always this row of trees at the edge of the baseball diamond in my park. Instead of going red, they turn a soft yellow. I saw them this morning while walking the dog, and went back later with my easel to sketch them. It’s a fairly simple composition but I tried to make it interesting by really looking at each shape, and separating the yellow ones from the darker ones behind. Sketched on a block of Hahnemuhle Collection Watercolour paper, 12″ x 9″.

21 Comments on “Hello autumn”

  1. sara m craig says:

    Oooh I see my friend – Mr Green Gold : ) Or Gold Green… ________________________________


  2. Soni says:


    you’re always the master of greens – grays – well, the whole spectrum – yummy painting

    Hahnemuhle responded to my quest for their Collection sample pack referral by you ; they wanted me to tell you – they seemed a bit surprised by so many of your followers but your infinite number of followers aren’t fazed at all 🤣

    I’m impatient so I’m already painting on the 10 sheet Collection block of rough and enjoying playing / learning with it

    thanks always – head scratches to Alice



    • Thanks so much Soni. Yes, I heard from Hahnemuhle that they were a bit inundated with requests, but they are very happy to send out samples, even to impatient painters like you : )
      I will follow up on your request when I next see Alice. These days our son is at home and she spends a lot of the day on his bed while he works. Seems I have been replaced, temporarily, as her favourite human.


  3. Gerry Draper says:

    This is beautiful! I love the way you handled the shapes. Did you use pencil or pen first? Or was this direct watercolor?


    • Thanks so much Gerry. This could have been treated as a direct watercolour, but I did use a bit of pencil first to draw those important tree shapes. I wanted to get the placement right on the page.


  4. Prior... says:

    Love that artsy sketch


  5. Denise says:

    You are certainly an artist for all seasons! Winter snow, spring crocus, summer boating, or mother nature’s quilt of warmth in the fall, you express them flawlessly.


  6. Chris Shuman says:

    That’s it. It’s pretty cute inside and there’s a Haida style paddle on the wall that I carved and painted.

    Sent from my iPhone



  7. mcammeehan says:

    I always struggle with how to get the right yellows, it seems to be a tricky colour for me


  8. deedster56 says:

    I am seriously struggling with trees right now and this is just the perfect, beautiful inspiration I need to go ahead and keep at them.


  9. Nice sketch, it has that early fall look with dull yellows and oranges.


  10. Phil Corlis says:

    Your joy of painting comes through loud and clear here! There is so much to like in this yummy little watercolor. BTW – thanks for including a note on materials and scale, at least I think they are helpful in understanding this piece.


  11. Margaret Horak says:

    Hi Shari! I just wanted to say Thanks for the tip about the Hahnemühle sample paper! I just received mine and can’t wait to paint on it! Thank you!!


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