Right page, left page

I’ve often strolled by Marché L’Olivier in the Jean Talon Market. From the back entrance it seems like a dry goods store, with all the baskets and bags hanging outside. But as often happens when I’m out sketching, I never venture inside a place to see what’s beyond the door. If I had, I would have discovered that this is a Halal butcher and grocery store. I sketched this in Pitt Artist pen and watercolour, on the right hand side of my Handbook sketchbook.

Later in the day, I used the same pen to sketch Alice, this time on the lefthand page in my sketchbook. The nib on my Pitt pen was almost used up, which made it perfect for the subtle tones on her fur. Yesterday was the first day of #inktober2021. I’m never very consistent and have never completed a full month of ink drawings, but I do love watching what goes by on my Instagram feed. How about you? Will you be joining Inktober this year?

5 Comments on “Right page, left page”

  1. Cindy Wahlstrom says:

    Lovely! You make it look so easy. I enjoy your postings!


  2. deedster56 says:

    I really love it when you sketch Alice!


  3. Tracy says:

    I think you should do a month of Alice for Inktober! 😉 I’ve done World of Watercolor and completed every day in July, but I’ve never gotten far with Inktober. Fall is my favorite time of year and I think I just don’t like feeling I HAVE to do a drawing per day. WoW is pretty daunting for me, but having daylight until 10 pm at night somehow makes things more achievable.


  4. Northern Traveller says:

    Complicated painting at Jean Talon – good job! And I love Alice’s limb positioning – she always looks so comfy & happy :).


  5. I really like the sketch of the shop with all the baskets and bags out front. Nice job on the totally relaxed Alice.


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