Étang aux Hérons

A visit to the Technoparc Oiseaux was long overdue. I’ve been meaning to sketch there since early September when the wetlands were drained from several sinkholes, likely caused by the underground tunnelling of the REM. I didn’t see it at its worst but I think Étang aux Hérons has slowly been filling up again and as I sketched, ducks landed and swam across the pond. A good sign, indeed.

This is one of my favourite places to paint in Montreal. It’s surrounded by the airport, industrial buildings and the REM construction, but when I’m facing this scene with a paintbrush in my hand, it’s as if I’m a million miles away from civilization.

12 Comments on “Étang aux Hérons”

  1. gaelle1947 says:

    I love revisiting “those old familiar places” through your sketches and flash-backing to
    scenes you captured there over the years throughout different seasons. I’m beginning to feel right at home in your neighborhood now! Thank you for sharing such awesome work.


  2. Loving your sketchbook postings, nice fresh work!


  3. Sai Sundar S says:

    Far away from the madding crowd!! Nice work cool


  4. Lived in or around Montréal most of my life yet I’m discovering places through your wonderful art.


  5. I’ve got to visit this place, eventually!


  6. gramaspaint says:

    I love the way you can take what might be construed as drab or… and make it lovely? I hope to learn some of that as I continue on. Thanks.


  7. Marilyn Hansen says:

    I love how you get the reflections in the water! I’m still working on this so as not to get mud. Thanks for the inspiration!


  8. Wayne Bissky says:

    You are so clever.

    I hope its ok but whenever the opportunity arises, I brag to other sketchers that we’re friends in order to enjoy some of your reflected glory, like the underside of a “best before” zucchini with you as the glossy golden table top on which it rests. Yesterday I went sketching with Bob Altwein and Gerry Nicol from out here . Afterwards they came back to my place for supper and ended up drooling over the paintings of yours I have . It made me feel important, so thanks for that.

    Hope you and your family are well. Is your son still in the interior? Have you packed your trailer for Florida yet? So far, we are still booked for a month in Palm Springs starting mid January.

    Come visit.

    Your covid tired friend, Wayne



  9. Fun to think that this peaceful spot is in the middle of an industrial area. Lovely!!!


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