Alice really wanted to go out to play but when she saw me pick up a sketchbook and a pencil, she gave up trying and plopped down on her bed. I tried to capture the shadows quickly, in pencil, but they changed faster than I could fill them in. I guess I owe her a good walk now.

13 Comments on “Indebted”

  1. She is well trained. 🙂


  2. Sara M. Craig says:

    Love this Shari : )


  3. schartoart says:

    It’s cold and miserable, even my golden is having trouble walking.


  4. schartoart says:

    I have a question about your gouache course. Is it appropriate if I paint in acrylics? Why are artists all of a sudden using gouache as opposed to acrylic – just curious. Thanks


    • You can absolutely do the gouache course with acrylics. The colour mixing techniques would be the same. The only difference would be the way acrylic dries. With gouache it can sometimes darken whereas that would not happen with acrylics.
      As for the popularity of gouache, I suspect that it’s because it’s very portable. I don’t use acrylics often but it seems to me they are not as easy to carry around. But maybe you will disagree.


  5. Denise says:

    How can anyone deny Alice anything?? She is the best model


  6. What a smart, sweet girl! I love your sketches of her. You can certainly see how much she is loved.


  7. LOL She was smart enough to figure out what was ahead.


  8. Aprille says:

    Alice seems pretty chill. My Jack Russell doesn’t really care what I’m up to when he decides he wants to walk no matter how much I explain it to him.


  9. Northern Traveller says:

    Lovely Alice! This week I have seen two separate dogs offering to hold hands with their human counterparts – and it almost brought me to tears. The 2nd was a huge, furry guard dog who held hands with me thru the fence – so beautiful. His paw was so big.


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