Royal Terns and Sailor’s Ears: a few things from the beach

On our last trip to Sanibel Island at the end of 2021, I did lots of sketching on the beach. Sanibel is known for being a shelling mecca of sorts, and I love to collect stuff after a storm when you find not only shells but sea urchins, starfish and crabs. If they’re not too stinky, I create a still life on the beach and sketch them from my chair.

This year we brought the recording stuff to the beach and filmed a little on-location video called “Sketching Shells in Sanibel“. It’s free, and you can see it on my teaching website. I’ve even included a supply list and a reference photo if you want to try your hand at sketching them too.

If you signed up for Sketchbook Revival this week, you might have painted a Royal Tern with me. Here’s the final sketch. And if you forgot to sign up, it’s not too late to watch lots of fun sessions. Here’s the link!

11 Comments on “Royal Terns and Sailor’s Ears: a few things from the beach”

  1. beth says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Sanibel – thanks for sharing a bit of it


  2. Jean A Paterson says:

    Thanks very much for your demo video from Sanibel island, with its beautiful shells!


  3. I love all the shells you collected. They make a great still life for painting. I will eventually get to your lesson in Sketchbook Revival. I can’t keep up with the pace of 2 lessons a day and also get out to do my own sketching. lol


  4. Thierry K says:

    I have uploaded the shell lesson one or two weeks ago. I will look where is Sannibel now ;-).
    I bought the fresh flowers lesson. I have to finish it , and I will be ready for all the spring flowers.


  5. Paola Beduini says:

    Shari, great lesson and great bonus for the Sketchbook revival session, thank you!


  6. Hashi says:

    I’m looking forward to doing the shells — I posted the tern to my blog today. Thanks for a great lesson! I plan to take your water class too.


  7. Love your shell collection and I’m impressed that you were able to identify them. I hope to get around to doing this bonus that you included in Sketchbook Revival. I’m so far behind. lol


  8. Kathleen Turner says:

    I live on Sanibel and just finishing Sketchbook Revival. So glad to know about you and see your expression of the island!


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