Heron Pond

This week I stopped by Heron Pond at the Technoparc Oiseaux to see how the wetlands were faring. Last year I documented the pond in a drier state after a sinkhole had drained the water. This year, I was happy to see that there’s lots more water and dozens of ducks and geese feeding there.

It’s not easy to get to this viewing spot. The path through tall grasses and bullrushes is quite narrow, but once you get there, it’s worth the trouble of carrying all my gear and setting up my easel. It’s a secret spot in the middle of the city. I prefer the view in the autumn when there’s more variety in the colours of the vegetation but at least there was some purple loosestrife blooming in the distance, and that helped to break up all the green.

12 Comments on “Heron Pond”

  1. De says:

    Love those hidden treasures of nature. Your water has wonderful movement and depth!


  2. Rlschaffer says:

    It is very interesting to compare the two scenes. Environmental documentation of a recovery after the sinkholes is great to record. The water here as De states really is wonderful both in art and in reality.


  3. What a treasure of a location! I’m glad to see there is more water now and that the wildlife is returning. This is lovely!!


  4. Marilyn Hansen says:

    I love the way you render water, Shari. I need to take one of your boat workshops once I master the Winter snow one! This one is beautiful!!


  5. Judy Sopher says:

    Your way of painting water makes all your “water” paintings stand out. This must be a very interesting place to paint. Once again I didn’t have use of my sick laptop to write.


  6. The reflections in the water here are magical, Shari


  7. Ralph Bailey says:

    I love the Heron pond and very much enjoy your posts


  8. Karen McMillan says:

    Incredible. Will this be available as a print?


  9. Nice photo of the wetland. Around here in Eastern Ontario, we have endless wetlands, but in all the parks / trails the boardwalks seem to be in “disrepair” They used to maintain these boardwalks very well 20 years ago. Now they are all roped off with police tape. I can think of at least 3 parks with disrepaired boardwalks.

    I really like how you added a touch of fusia, and orange ocher to the water with pops of veridian, or phatlo green. Although your trees are all at the top of the paper the reflections add a lot of interest to the bottom part of the painting.


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