Parc Laurier

What a day to be out sketching. And even better when you can do it with friends. It was the monthly outing of Urban Sketchers Montreal, at Parc Laurier. Ten years ago I co-founded this group with Marc Taro Holmes, and since I missed the anniversary outing in September, it was particularly sweet to make up for it today by catching up with friends and enjoying the beauty of this fall day in Montreal. It was also great to see that the group is still going strong with a solid turnout of a few dozen people every month and an upcoming exhibition.

10 Comments on “Parc Laurier”

  1. Bernadette says:

    So, so, so nice! The colors are right on the mark. Including people is just the BEST! I especially like the people on the benches. Beautifully always!


  2. Denise says:

    Just lovely in the simplicity of it all. I never tire of seeing your work, you are such an inspiration!


  3. Connie Renaud says:

    My favourite season—beautifully done.


  4. I love how you massed the colors of the trees. This is lovely!!! Glad you got out sketching with your friends on a beautiful day.


  5. Beautiful fall view of Montreal. Wow this could be any number of Parks in Quebec City, Montreal, or even Kingston Ontario. The Old Urban Park that is probually as old as the city itself. With huge trees, benches, and lots of people taking advantage of the quaint little spot. Old victorian houses surrounding the park etc. I really like how you captured the dull oranges, yellows and mute greens in this sketch.


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