A pond sketch, a sale and an invitation

Heron Pond at the Technoparc Oiseaux is one of my favourite places to visit and sketch. I love to see the seasonal changes in the wetlands, and record how the light at different times of day affects the surrounding vegetation. Yesterday I visited in the morning but it was too cold to paint on location. Instead I made my way to the edge of the pond to take some reference photos of the backlit bullrushes.

My planning stage for this scene is a value sketch done with a conté stick. I sometimes do value sketches in Payne’s grey watercolour but since this scene is almost entirely based on texture, I used a line tool. Hopefully I will have time to start the painting tomorrow.

A Black Friday Sale

If you’ve taken some of my online courses, you may be interested in my second annual Black Friday Week sale. Most of my courses (except for Rugged Rocks and Sea) are now 30% off until Sunday at midnight ET. Just enter the coupon code BAKERSDOZEN30 at checkout. (This discount doesn’t apply to bundled courses since they are already discounted.)

An Invitation

If you are in the Montreal area, here’s an invitation for a Holiday Pop-Up show that I’m participating in on December 3, at the Lutaflore studio in Pointe Claire. If you haven’t seen the floral arrangements created by Maryse Hudon, you’re in for a treat. It’s been ages since I’ve exhibited work, and I’ll have a selection of small, matted paintings for sale. The address is not on the invitation below, but if you email me, I’ll share it with you. Hope to see you there.

And lastly, to all my friends in the US who celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, have a wonderful long weekend celebration!

4 Comments on “A pond sketch, a sale and an invitation”

  1. S Chang says:

    Hi Shari,

    Thank you for the Black Friday sale! I’d like to purchase many of the courses you have on sale but I can’t seem to buy more than one course at a time. Is there a way to select multiple courses into a shopping cart and pay for them all in one go rather one at a time?

    Thank you, Siu


    • Hi Siu. Thanks for writing. Unfortunately the courses have to be purchased separately. I host my courses on Teachable.com and at every opportunity I tell them that this needs to be fixed and they have to create a shopping cart. Apparently they are working on it but so far, it is not enabled. Sorry for the extra work!


  2. christinea60ans says:

    Hi Shari,

    I love your work! And your online workshops!

    I’d be interested in attending the pop-up holiday show if you can let me know the address. Thanks for everything, mostly the inspiration to keep at it and paint even the most mundane like a fire hydrant! Cheers!




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