Get Back

I love to sketch a place that has a good story. This one certainly does. It was the house that Paul and Linda McCartney bought in Tanque Verde, Arizona in 1979. It was pointed out by our guide on a golf cart tour through the desert yesterday — mentioned as casually as the tennis courts and the fishin’ hole.

What?? Paul McCartney’s house?? I googled it and sure enough the low buildings and turquoise trim matched the description of what we had seen. I headed back there today to sketch it. If you want to know more about the history of the property, here’s a bit of info.

8 Comments on “Get Back”

  1. Very cool, Shari. I enjoyed the backstory of the property and your sketch.


  2. chicogal15 says:

    Shari,Great sketch as usual, amazing story !!!  Love the muted greens in the foreground. Thanks for sharing, Patricia

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  3. maureen says:

    That’s really cool!


  4. Fun story to go with your sketch.

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  5. Nice sketch of Paul McCartneys House in the desert. I really like how you captured the cacti and low growing vegetation.

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