Cars in snow

I haven’t been out to paint in ages, and sometimes the longer it’s been, the harder it is to get going. The list of excuses is long (it’s been REALLY cold outside, I had Covid, AND I’ve been hard at work on a new online course coming out tomorrow) but still, I was overdue. I had another perfectly acceptable excuse lined up for today and then my friend Poppy sent me an email: It is cold here today but beautiful with sunshine on crisp snow. I hope you get out to paint some of that! That was all it took. I packed up my stuff and out the door I went. Turns out all I needed was a gentle push.

When I left, the sun was out here too, but within minutes it clouded over and started to snow. Giant flakes covered my windshield, but luckily I was looking out the driver’s side window to paint this scene. Happily painted on a quarter sheet of Winsor & Newton rough paper, with a limited palette of yellow, red, blue and black.

23 Comments on “Cars in snow”

  1. Donna Skelcy says:

    I believe this is one of your favorite spots to paint because I remember you commenting on that door before. Question: How were you able to achieve that putty-red color on the building with your limited palette? Curious about your next online class that you will announce tomorrow!


    • HI Donna, I used mostly Cobalt Blue, Raw Sienna and Alizarin Crimson. Mix them all together and you will get a neutral. When you want that mix to be warmer, add more Raw Sienna. If you want it cooler, add more blue. As for the course, you will see it very soon!


  2. Y.B. De Ridder says:

    I miss the guy going out fir a smoke!


  3. Linda Uphus says:

    You always make an ordinary scene look so interesting! So well done. Love the color pallet and keeping your supplies simple. Was your quarter sheet taped to a board or were you using a block of paper?


    • Thanks Linda. I had a quarter sheet taped to a board. I find blocks so expensive, so I just cut up sheets and tape them to plexi or Coroplast. Much more economical but a little more prep. I hope you and Mike are doing well.


  4. Chris Rusk says:

    So strong and bright 🙂


  5. yvonne carpenter says:

    What a cool sketch, Shari! And wow, Covid AND a new class? Looks like you are making the best out of a nasty situation! Kudos for driving out there and painting a quarter sheet on top of everything else, lol! Inspirational for sure! I am half way thru the “Behind the Palm” class and out of the blue decided to make a sketchbook. So a little detour, but I will resume the class shortly!


    • Hi Yvonne, It’s nice to hear that you decided to make a sketchbook. I love that! I always say I am going to try that but never find enough time!! Because I’m always making new courses.
      As for this new course, we actually filmed it before we went to Tucson so all we had to do when we got home was the editing and the website. It’s a good thing that was all done because I had no energy at all. But I’m much better now!


  6. Bernadette says:

    Wow! That’s a great captured snowy scene! Love the car tracks in the snow and half covered cars! Perfect, I’m glad you went out too! Poppy sure worked her magic with inspiring words of “Just do it!”


  7. Garry Carlson says:

    Beautifully done- I really admire your “sketches”!


  8. Lori says:

    You inspire me so much! I can just see you peeking out your window in the snow😄
    Can’t wait for your new class!


  9. Linda Hackett says:

    Shari I am always amazed how you manage to make these arguably mundane scenes magical! Inspiring


  10. Wow, this looks very much like the type of Garage you would find in my hometown of Cornwall, ON. Or a tiny industrial building. Interesting the snow on the cars and recycling bins.


  11. Lynn Holbein says:

    So simple, so everyday, so exciting! And your new course on trees looks fabulous, just signed up!


  12. Carol Bershad says:

    Good for you, Shari! Sorry you had Covid. I got it for Christmas. It took a while to get past the fatigue. Congratulations on your new Tree class. Of course I signed up for it. I love learning from and with you. Enjoy the snow. Take care, Carol


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